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Publications of William M. Wintermantel (44 listed):

Plant Pathology (2019) 68, 746-754
C. Nansen, A.N. Stewart, T.A.M. Gutierrez, W.M. Wintermantel, N. McRoberts and R.L. Gilbertson (2019)
Proximal remote sensing to differentiate nonviruliferous and viruliferous insect vectors – proof of concept and importance of input data robustness

Plant Disease (2019) 103, 1132-1137
Arnaldo E. Fariña, Jorge A.M. Rezende and William M. Wintermantel (2019)
Expanding knowledge of the host range of Tomato chlorosis virus and host plant preference of Bemisia tabaci MEAM1

Plant Disease (2019) 103, p. 778 (Wintermantel et al.)
W.M. Wintermantel, L.L. Jenkins Hladky, P. Fashing, K. Ando and J.D. McCreight (2019)
First report of Cucurbit chlorotic yellows virus infecting melon in the New World

Plant Disease (2018) 102, 341-348
Ivan Simko, Claire E. Richardson and William M. Wintermantel (2018)
Variation within Lactuca spp. for resistance to Impatiens necrotic spot virus

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 1373-1382
Carl A. Strausbaugh, Imad A. Eujayl and William M. Wintermantel (2017)
Beet curly top virus strains associated with sugar beet in Idaho, Oregon, and a western U.S. collection

Phytopathology (2016) 106, 1213-1222
Navneet Kaur, Daniel K. Hasegawa, Kai-Shu Ling and William M. Wintermantel (2016)
Application of genomics for understanding plant virus-insect vector interactions and insect vector control

Plant Disease (2016) 100, 92-98
William M. Wintermantel, Robert L. Gilbertson, James D. McCreight and Eric T. Natwick (2016)
Host-specific relationship between virus titer and whitefly transmission of Cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virus

Insects (2015) 6, 704-715
Wenbo Chen, Daniel K. Hasegawa, Kathiravetpillai Arumuganathan, Alvin M. Simmons, William M. Wintermantel, Zhangjun Fei and Kai-Shu Ling (2015)
Estimation of the whitefly Bemisia tabaci genome size based on k-mer and flow cytometric analyses

Annual Review of Phytopathology (2015) 53, 485-512
René A.A. van der Vlugt, Martin Verbeek, Annette M. Dullemans, William M. Wintermantel, Wilmer J. Cuellar, Adrian Fox and Jeremy R. Thompson (2015)

Plant Disease (2014) 98, p. 1448 (Wintermantel et al.)
W.M. Wintermantel and D. Bachinsky (2014)
First report of Moroccan pepper virus in association with yellows on escarole in the United States and the world

Frontiers in Microbiology (2013) 4 (119)
Ioannis E. Tzanetakis, Robert R. Martin and William M. Wintermantel (2013)
Epidemiology of criniviruses: an emerging problem in world agriculture

Plant Disease (2013) 97, 1352-1357
Bindu Poudel, William M. Wintermantel, Arturo A. Cortez, Thien Ho, Archana Khadgi and Ioannis E. Tzanetakis (2013)
Epidemiology of Blackberry yellow vein associated virus

Phytopathology (2013) 103, 501-508
William M. Wintermantel and Laura L. Hladky (2013)
Complete genome sequence and biological characterization of Moroccan pepper virus (MPV) and reclassification of Lettuce necrotic stunt virus as MPV

Archives of Virology (2012) 157, 1407-1409
William M. Wintermantel and Amy G. Anchieta (2012)
The genome sequence of Lettuce necrotic stunt virus indicates a close relationship to Moroccan pepper virus

Plant Disease (2012) 96, p. 295 (Wintermantel et al.)
W.M. Wintermantel and E.T. Natwick (2012)
First report of Alfalfa mosaic virus infecting basil (Ocimum basilicum) in California

HortScience (2011) 46, 1582-1587
James D. McCreight and William M. Wintermantel (2011)
Genetic resistance in melon PI 313970 to Cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virus

Archives of Virology (2011) 156, 2033-2037
Ioannis E. Tzanetakis, William M. Wintermantel, Bindu Poudel and Jing Zhou (2011)
Diodia vein chlorosis virus is a group-1 crinivirus

Archives of Virology (2009) 154, 1335-1341
William M. Wintermantel, Laura L. Hladky, Anju Gulati-Sakhuja, Ruhui Li, Hsing-Yeh Liu and Ioannis E. Tzanetakis (2009)
The complete nucleotide sequence and genome organization of Tomato infectious chlorosis virus: a distinct crinivirus most closely related to lettuce infectious yellows virus

Plant Disease (2009) 93, 685-690
William M. Wintermantel, Laura L. Hladky, Arturo A. Cortez and Eric T. Natwick (2009)
A new expanded host range of Cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virus includes three agricultural crops

Euphytica (2008) 164, 493-500
Ryan J. Hayes, Edward J. Ryder and William M. Wintermantel (2008)
Genetic variation for big-vein symptom expression and resistance to Mirafiori lettuce big-vein virus in Lactuca virosa L., a wild relative of cultivated lettuce

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 1251 (Polston et al.)
J.E. Polston, L.L. Hladky, F. Akad and W.M. Wintermantel (2008)
First report of Cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virus in cucurbits in Florida

Plant Disease (2008) 92, 51-60
Monique Beuve, Mark Stevens, Hsing-Yeh Liu, William M. Wintermantel, Sébastien Hauser and Olivier Lemaire (2008)
Biological and molecular characterization of an American sugar beet-infecting Beet western yellows virus isolate

Journal of Insect Science (2008) 8 (4), p. 52 (Wintermantel)
W.M. Wintermantel (2008)
Vector specificity of criniviruses in tomato and virus competitiveness during mixed infection
in P. A. Stansly and C.L. McKenzie, organizers: Fourth International Bemisia Workshop - International Whitefly Genomics Workshop, December 3-8, 2006, Duck Key, Florida, USA

Phytopathology (2008) 98, 1212-1217
C.A. Strausbaugh, W.M. Wintermantel, A.M. Gillen and I.A. Eujayl (2008)
Curly top survey in the western United States

Phytopathology (2008) 98, 1340-1345
William M. Wintermantel, Arturo A. Cortez, Amy G. Anchieta, Anju Gulati-Sakhuja and Laura L. Hladky (2008)
Co-infection by two criniviruses alters accumulation of each virus in a host-specific manner and influences efficiency of virus transmission

Plant Disease (2008) 92, 1683-1688
Kai-Shu Ling, William M. Wintermantel and Michael Bledsoe (2008)
Genetic composition of Pepino mosaic virus population in North American greenhouse tomatoes

Plant Disease (2007) 91, p. 330 (Kuo et al.)
Y.-W. Kuo, M.R. Rojas, R.L. Gilbertson and W.M. Wintermantel (2007)
First report of Cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virus in California and Arizona, in association with Cucurbit leaf crumple virus and Squash leaf curl virus

Plant Disease (2006) 90, 657-662
William M. Wintermantel and Stephen R. Kaffka (2006)
Sugar beet performance with curly top is related to virus accumulation and age at infection

Plant Disease (2006) 90, p. 1457 (Wintermantel et al.)
W.M. Wintermantel, S. Fuentes, C. Chuquillanqui and L.F. Salazar (2006)
First report of Beet pseudo-yellows virus and Strawberry pallidosis associated virus in strawberry in Peru

Plant Disease (2006) 90, 814-819
William M. Wintermantel and Gail C. Wisler (2006)
Vector specificity, host range, and genetic diversity of Tomato chlorosis virus

Plant Disease (2006) 90, 233-239
Ryan J. Hayes, William M. Wintermantel, Patricia A. Nicely and Edward J. Ryder (2006)
Host resistance to Mirafiori Lettuce big-vein virus and Lettuce big-vein associated virus and virus sequence diversity and frequency in California

Plant Disease (2006) 90, 1343-1346
Ioannis E. Tzanetakis, William M. Wintermantel, Arturo A. Cortez, Janelle E. Barnes, Stephanie M. Barrett, Mark P. Bolda and Robert R. Martin (2006)
Epidemiology of Strawberry pallidosis-associated virus and occurrence of pallidosis disease in North America

Phytopathology (2006) 96, 453-459
James E. Schoelz, B. Elizabeth Wiggins, William M. Wintermantel and Kathleen Ross (2006)
Introgression of a tombusvirus resistance locus from Nicotiana edwardsonii var. Columbia to N. clevelandii

Theoretical and Applied Genetics (2005) 110, 259-268
Rebecca C. Grube, William M. Wintermantel, Paul Hand, Rami Aburomia, David A.C. Pink and Edward J. Ryder (2005)
Genetic analysis and mapping of resistance to lettuce dieback: a soilborne disease caused by tombusviruses

Archives of Virology (2005) 150, 2287-2298
W.M. Wintermantel, G.C. Wisler, A.G. Anchieta, H.-Y. Liu, A.V. Karasev and I.E. Tzanetakis (2005)
The complete nucleotide sequence and genome organization of Tomato chlorosis virus

Plant Disease (2005) 89, 325-331
William M. Wintermantel (2005)
Co-infection of Beet mosaic virus with beet yellowing viruses leads to increased symptom expression on sugar beet

Plant Disease (2004) 88, p. 1160 (Segev et al.)
L. Segev, W.M. Wintermantel, J.E. Polston and M. Lapidot (2004)
First Report of Tomato chlorosis virus in Israel

Plant Disease (2004) 88, p. 82 (Wintermantel)
W.M. Wintermantel (2004)
Pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima and C. pepo), a new host of Beet pseudo yellows virus in California

Plant Disease (2003) 87, p. 1398 (Tzanetakis et al.)
I.E. Tzanetakis, W.M. Wintermantel and R.R. Martin (2003)
First report of Beet pseudo yellows virus in strawberry in the United States: a second crinivirus able to cause pallidosis disease

Plant Disease (2003) 87, 1170-1175
G.C. Wisler, R.T. Lewellen, J.L. Sears, J.W. Wasson, H.-Y. Liu and W.M. Wintermantel (2003)
Interactions between Beet necrotic yellow vein virus and Beet soilborne mosaic virus in sugar beet

Plant Disease (2003) 87, p. 201 (Wintermantel et al.)
William M. Wintermantel, Teresa Crook and Ralph Fogg (2003)
First report of rhizomania disease of sugar beet caused by Beet necrotic yellow vein virus in the Great Lakes production region

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 72 (Gallian et al.)
J.J. Gallian, W.M. Wintermantel and P.B. Hamm (2002)
First report of rhizomania of sugar beet in the Columbia River Basin of Washington and Oregon

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 228 (Wintermantel et al.)
W.M. Wintermantel, J.E. Polston, J. Escudero and E.R. Paoli (2001)
First report of Tomato chlorosis virus in Puerto Rico

Journal of General Virology (2000) 81, 587-595
William M. Wintermantel and Milton Zaitlin (2000)
Transgene translatability increases effectiveness of replicase-mediated resistance to Cucumber mosaic virus