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Publications of Vaclav Stejskal (55 listed):

Bulletin of Entomological Research (2021) 111, 153-159
J.A. Shah, T. Vendl, R. Aulicky and V. Stejskal (2021)
Frass produced by the primary pest Rhyzopertha dominica supports the population growth of the secondary stored product pests Oryzaephilus surinamensis, Tribolium castaneum, and T. confusum

Bulletin of Insectology (2020) 73, 233-239
Vaclav Stejskal, Tomas Vendl, Vlastimil Kolar, Zhihong Li and Radek Aulicky (2020)
First population quantification of the infestation of legumes by stored-product bruchids imported in freight containers into Europe

Insects (2019) 10 (5 - 149)
Vaclav Stejskal, Tomas Vendl, Zhihong Li and Radek Aulicky (2019)
Minimal thermal requirements for development and activity of stored product and food industry pests (Acari, Coleoptera, Lepidoptera, Psocoptera, Diptera and Blattodea): A review

Annual Review of Entomology (2018) 63, 553-573
Jan Hubert, Vaclav Stejskal, Christos G. Athanassiou and James E. Throne (2018)
Health hazards associated with arthropod infestation of stored products

Insects (2018) 9 (4 - 151)
Tomas Vendl, Vaclav Stejskal and Radek Aulicky (2018)
First case of dual size asymmetry in an identical arthropod organ: Different asymmetries of the combative (sexual) and cutting (non-sexual) parts of mandibles in the horned stored-product beetle Gnatocerus cornutus (Fabricius, 1798)

Plant Protection Science (2017) 53, 169-176
Radek Aulicky, Vlastimil Kolar, Jan Plachy and Vaclav Stejskal (2017)
Field efficacy of brief exposure of adults of six storage pests to nitrogen-controlled atmospheres

Bulletin of Entomological Research (2016) 106, 154-160
Y. Wu, F. Li, Z. Li, V. Stejskal, Z. Kucerová, G. Opit, R. Aulicky, T. Zhang, P. He and Y. Caoa (2016)
Microsatellite markers for Cryptolestes ferrugineus (Coleoptera: Laemophloeidae) and other Cryptolestes species

Plant Protection Science (2016) 52, 45-53
R. Aulicky, V. Stejskal, Z. Kucerova and P. Trematerra (2016)
Trapping of internal and external feeding stored grain beetle pests with two types of pitfall traps: a two-year field study

Journal of Economic Entomology (2016) 109, 1450-1457
Jan Hubert, Vaclav Stejskal, Marta Nesvorna, Radek Aulicky, Jan Kopecky and Tomas Erban (2016)
Differences in the bacterial community of laboratory and wild populations of the predatory mite Cheyletus eruditus (Acarina: Cheyletidae) and bacteria transmission from its prey Acarus siro (Acari: Acaridae)

Journal of Economic Entomology (2015) 108, 2823-2830
R. Aulicky, V. Stejskal, B. Frydova and C.G. Athanassiou (2015)
Susceptibility of two strains of the confused flour beetle (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) following phosphine structural mill fumigation: Effects of concentration, temperature, and flour deposits

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2015) 155, 167-175
Zuzana Varadínová, Daniel Frynta, Radek Aulicky and Václav Stejskal (2015)
Detection of cockroach faeces: consumption of fluorescent bait and production of UV-light-detectable faeces from German cockroach, Blattella germanica

Bulletin of Entomological Research (2015) 105, 202-209
Z. Varadínová, Y.J. Wang, Z. Kucerová, V. Stejskal, G. Opit, Y. Cao, F.J. Li and Z.H. Li (2015)
COI barcode based species-specific primers for identification of five species of stored-product pests from genus Cryptolestes (Coleoptera: Laemophloeidae)

Journal of Pest Science (2014) 87, 117-124
Václav Stejskal and Radek Aulický (2014)
Field evidence of roof rat (Rattus rattus) faecal contamination of barley grain stored in silos in the Czech Republic

Plant Protection Science (2014) 50, 165-173
V. Stejskal, R. Aulicky and Z. Kucerova (2014)
Pest control strategies and damage potential of seed-infesting pests in the Czech stores – a review

Bulletin of Entomological Research (2014) 104, 671-678
Y.J. Wang, Z.H. Li, S.F. Zhang, Z. Varadínová, F. Jiang, Z. Kucerová, V. Stejskal, G. Opit, Y. Cao and F.J. Li (2014)
DNA barcoding of five common stored-product pest species of genus Cryptolestes (Coleoptera: Laemophloeidae)

International Journal of Acarology (2013) 39, 649-652
Jan Hubert, Marta Nesvorna, Radek Klubal and Vaclav Stejskal (2013)
A laboratory comparison of the effect of acetone-diluted chlorfenapyr standards with a commercial suspension formulation on four domestic mites (ACARI: Astigmata)

Experimental and Applied Acarology (2013) 60, 241-252
Jan Hubert, Stano Pekár, Radek Aulický, Marta Nesvorná and Václav Stejskal (2013)
The effect of stored barley cultivars, temperature and humidity on population increase of Acarus siro, Lepidoglyphus destructor and Tyrophagus putrescentiae

Journal of Economic Entomology (2013) 106, 419-425
Qianqian Yang, Shuo Zhao, Zuzana Kucerová, Václav Stejskal, George Opit, Meng Qin, Yang Cao, Fujun Li and Zhihong Li (2013)
Validation of the 16S rDNA and COI DNA barcoding technique for rapid molecular identification of stored product psocids (Insecta: Psocodea: Liposcelididae)

International Journal of Acarology (2013) 39, 235-238
Jan Hubert, Marta Nesvorná, Martina Hujslová, Jitka Stará, Jana Hajslová and Václav Stejskal (2013)
Acarus siro and Tyrophagus putrescentiae (Acari: Acarididae) transfer of Fusarium culmorum into germinated barley increases mycotoxin deoxynivalenol content in barley under laboratory conditions

Pest Management Science (2012) 68, 355-361
Daniel Frynta, Barbora Eliásová, Marcela Franková, Radek Aulicky, Pavel Rödl and Václav Stejskal (2012)
Production of UV-light-detectable faeces from house mice (Mus musculus domesticus) after consumption of encapsulated fluorescent pigment in monitoring bait

Journal of Applied Entomology (2011) 135, 749-762
P. Trematerra, C. Athanassiou, V. Stejskal, A. Sciarretta, N. Kavallieratos and N. Palyvos (2011)
Large-scale mating disruption of Ephestia spp. and Plodia interpunctella in Czech Republic, Greece and Italy

Pest Management Science (2011) 67, 446-457
Jitka Stará, Václav Stejskal, Marta Nesvorná, Jan Plachy and Jan Hubert (2011)
Efficacy of selected pesticides against synanthropic mites under laboratory assay

International Journal of Pest Management (2011) 57, 35-40
Radka Volfová, Václav Stejskal, Radek Aulicky and Daniel Frynta (2011)
Presence of conspecific odours enhances responses of commensal house mice (Mus musculus) to bait stations

Journal of Medical Entomology (2010) 47, 1062-1070
Tomas Erban, Vaclav Stejskal, Radek Aulicky, Iva Krizkova-Kudlikova, Marta Nesvorna and Jan Hubert (2010)
The influence of environmental temperature and humidity on temporal decomposition of cockroach allergens Bla g 1 and Bla g 2 in feces

Experimental and Applied Acarology (2009) 49, 173-183
Zuzana Kucerova and Vaclav Stejskal (2009)
Morphological diagnosis of the eggs of stored-products mites

Insect Science (2009) 16, 255-262
Jan Hubert, Zuzana Kucerova, Radek Aulicky, Marta Nesvorna and Vaclav Stejskal (2009)
Differential levels of mite infestation of wheat and barley in Czech grain stores

Pest Management Science (2009) 65, 93-98
Vaclav Stejskal, Radek Aulicky and Stano Pekar (2009)
Brief exposure of Blattella germanica (Blattodea) to insecticides formulated in various microcapsule sizes and applied on porous and non-porous surfaces

Pest Management Science (2008) 64, 1063-1068
Jan Hubert, Marta Nesvorná, Rostislav Zemek, Jitka Stará and Václav Stejskal (2008)
Effects of metabolic inhibitors on activity of Cry1Ab toxin to inhibit growth of Ephestia kuehniella larvae

European Journal of Entomology (2008) 105, 713-717
M. Qin, Z.-H. Li, Z. Kucerova, Y. Cao and V. Stejskal (2008)
Rapid discrimination of the common species of the stored product pest Liposcelis (Psocoptera: Liposcelididae) from China and the Czech Republic, based on PCR-RFLP analysis

Experimental and Applied Acarology (2007) 42, 37-46
Gamila Aspaly, Vaclav Stejskal, Stano Pekár and Jan Hubert (2007)
Temperature-dependent population growth of three species of stored product mites (Acari: Acaridida)

Experimental and Applied Acarology (2007) 42, 283-290
Jan Hubert, Vaclav Stejskal, Zuzana Munzbergova, Jana Hajslova and Frank H. Arthur (2007)
Toxicity and efficacy of selected pesticides and new acaricides to stored product mites (Acari: Acaridida)

Journal of Economic Entomology (2007) 100, 586-590
Jan Hubert, Václav Stejskal, Gamila Aspaly and Zuzana Münzbergová (2007)
Suppressive potential of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) flour against five species of stored-product mites (Acari: Acarididae)

Journal of Economic Entomology (2007) 100, 1928-1937
Iva Krizkova-Kudlikova, Vaclav Stejskal and Jan Hubert (2007)
Comparison of detection methods for Acarus siro (Acari: Acaridida: Acarididae) contamination in grain

Experimental and Applied Acarology (2006) 39, 149-158
Jan Hubert, Zuzana Munzbergová, Zuzana Kucerová and Václav Stejskal (2006)
Comparison of communities of stored product mites in grain mass and grain residues in the Czech Republic

Journal of Pest Science (2006) 79, 51-55
Vaclav Stejskal, Petr Kosina and Luke Kanyomeka (2006)
Arthropod pests and their natural enemies in stored crops in northern Namibia

Plant Protection Science (2006) 42, 125-129
J. Hubert, M. Nemcová and V. Stejskal (2006)
The toxicity of bean flour (Phaseolus vulgaris) to stored product mites (Acari: Acaridida)

Zeitschrift für Pflanzenkrankheiten und Pflanzenschutz - Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection (2005) 112, 98-102
V. Stejskal, J. Hubert, A. Kubátová and M. Vánová (2005)
Fungi associated with rodent feces in stored grain environment in the Czech Republic

Experimental and Applied Acarology (2005) 35, 281-291
Jan Hubert, Lucie Dole Cková-Maresova, Jana Hýblová, Iva Kudlíková, Václav Stejskal and Michael Mares (2005)
In vitro and in vivo inhibition of alpha-amylases of stored-product mite Acarus siro

Plant Protection Science (2005) 41, 42-45
V. Stejskal, Z. Kucerová and J. Háva (2005)
Trogoderma longisetosum and Trogoderma variabile (Coleoptera, Dermestidae) as two new stored product pests for the Czech Republic

Plant Protection Science (2005) 41, 86-89
Z. Kucerová, R. Aulicky and V. Stejskal (2005)
Outdoor occurrence of stored-product pests (Coleoptera) in the vicinity of a grain store

Plant Protection Science (2004) 40, 11-15
V. Stejskal, J. Lukás and R. Aulicky (2004)
Temperature-dependent development and mortality of Australian cockroach, Periplaneta australasiae (Fabricius) (Blattodea: Blattidae)

Plant Protection Science (2004) 40, 107-111
V. Stejskal, Z. Kucerová and J. Lukáš (2004)
Evidence and symptoms of pasta infestation by Sitophilus oryzae (Curculionidae; Coleoptera) in the Czech Republic

Journal of Economic Entomology (2004) 97, 2144-2153
J. Hubert, V. Stejskal, Z. Munzbergová, A. Kubátová, M. Vánová and E. Zd'árková (2004)
Mites and fungi in heavily infested stores in the Czech Republic

Experimental and Applied Acarology (2003) 29, 69-87
Jan Hubert, Václav Stejskal, Alena Kubátová, Zuzana Munzbergová, Marie Vánová and Eva Zd'árková (2003)
Mites as selective fungal carriers in stored grain habitats

Plant Protection Science (2003) 39, 35-38
V. Stejskal, J. Lukáš and R. Aulický (2003)
Lower development threshold and thermal constant in the German cockroach, Blattella germanica (L.) (Blattodea: Blattellidae)

Zeitschrift für Pflanzenkrankheiten und Pflanzenschutz - Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection (2003) 110, 499-504
Z. Kucerová, R. Aulický and V. Stejskal (2003)
Accumulation of pest-arthropods in grain residues found in an empty store

Plant Protection Science (2003) 39, 52-60
J. Lukáš and V. Stejskal (2003)
Computer-based image analysis to estimate the area of a sticky trap occupied or contaminated by pests

Anzeiger für Schädlingskunde, Pflanzenschutz, Umweltschutz (1999) 72, 87-88
V. Stejskal and P. Horak (1999)
Webbing clothes moth, Tineola bisselliella (Hum.), causing serious feeding damage to Lactuca sativa and other plant seeds

Plant Protection Science (1999) 35, 23-25
V. Stejskal, J. Zuska, P. Werner and Z. Kucerova (1999)
Survival over the winter of Rhyzopertha dominica F. (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) in hot spots caused by improper grain storage technology: the first record in the Czech Republic

Anzeiger für Schädlingskunde, Pflanzenschutz, Umweltschutz (1998) 71, 17-21
Vaclav Stejskal (1998)
Field tests on trapping efficiency of sticky traps for Blatta orientalis and Blattella germanica (Dictyoptera)

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (1997) 84, 201-205
Václav Stejskal (1997)
Distribution of faeces of the German cockroach, Blattella germanica, in a new refuge

Anzeiger für Schädlingskunde, Pflanzenschutz, Umweltschutz (1996) 69, 16-18
V. Stejskal (1996)
Testing chemical repellency in cockroaches (Blattodea) based on feces dispersion

Journal of Applied Entomology - Zeitschrift für angewandte Entomologie (1996) 120, 143-146
V. Stejskal and Z. Kucerova (1996)
The effect of grain size on the biology of Sitophilus granarius L. (Col., Curculionidae). I. Oviposition, distribution of eggs and adult emergence

Anzeiger für Schädlingskunde, Pflanzenschutz, Umweltschutz (1995) 68, p. 128 (Stejskal)
V. Stejskal (1995)
The first record of a damage to tabletted brewer's yeast caused by Dienerella filum (Aubé) (Coleoptera, Lathridiidae)

Anzeiger für Schädlingskunde, Pflanzenschutz, Umweltschutz (1993) 66, 150-151
V. Stejskal (1993)
Erster Nachweis der Schabe Periplaneta brunnea (Burm.) (Blattodea, Blattidae) in Mitteleuropa
[The first record of Periplaneta brunnea (Burm.) (Blattodea, Blattidae) from Central Europe]