Sitophilus granarius

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Sitophilus granarius (click on image to enlarge it)
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Sitophilus granarius (Linnaeus) - (grain weevil)

This weevil is a common and serious pest of stored cereals with a world-wide distribution. It has been known in Europe as a storage pest for thousands of years. All cereals are attacked, in particular rye and wheat. The larvae develop inside the grain and the development time from egg to adult lasts around 5 weeks. Control is done by fumigation or controlled atmosphere (typically, low oxygen and high carbon dioxide).

The adult is around 4 mm long, dark reddish brown. It resembles Sitophilus oryzae and Sitophilus zeamais but is usually larger and the pronotum has spindle-shaped grooves, rather than small, round or oval punctures. In contrast to these 2 species, it is also unable to fly and spreads through infested grain.

Vernacular names
• Deutsch: Kornkäfer
Schwarzer Kornwurm
• English: grain weevil
granary weevil
wheat weevil
• Español: gorgojo del trigo
gorgojo de los graneros
• Français: charançon du blé
calandre du blé
• Português: traça-dos-cereais

Calandra granarius

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