Sitophilus oryzae

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Sitophilus oryzae (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Natasha Wright, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Sitophilus oryzae (Linnaeus, 1763) - (rice weevil)

The species is a serious pest of stored grain with a world-wide distribution. It may also infest other products like stored cassava. The weevil is found in the field in tropical countries only, but is frequently imported into temperate regions with rice shipments. The larvae develop inside the grain and development from eggs to adult lasts around 4-6 weeks under suitable conditions. Control is done by fumigation or controlled atmosphere (low oxygen and high carbon dioxide).

The adult is 2 - 3.5 mm long, dark reddish brown, often with 4 reddish spots on the elytra. It closely resembles Sitophilus zeamais, but is usually slightly smaller and has several distinguishing characters, like the punctures on the pronotum being oval in shape rather than round.

Vernacular names
• Deutsch: Reiskäfer
• English: rice weevil
• Español: gorgojo del arroz
• Français: charançon du riz
calandre du riz
• Português: gorgulho-do-milho

Calandra oryzae
Sitophilus sasakii