Oryzaephilus surinamensis

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Oryzaephilus surinamensis (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Tim R. Moyer
Source: BugGuide

Oryzaephilus surinamensis (Linnaeus, 1758) - (sawtoothed grain beetle)

The beetle has a world-wide distribution and is an important pest of stored grain, flour and various cereal products, preferring high temperature and humidity. It can be also found in cassava products, dried fruits or stored nuts.

It often follows other storage pests and since it lives deep inside the stored product it is not easy to detect. The life cycle normally passes through 4 larval stages and lasts 1-2 months.

Vernacular names
• Deutsch: Getreideschmalkäfer
• English: sawtoothed grain beetle
• Español: carcoma dentada de los granos
• Français: cucujide dentelé des grains
• Português: carunhco-de-suriname

The adult is about 2.5-3.5 mm long and dark brown. Its common name refers to the saw-toothed-like projections on the sides of the thorax, a common feature for this genus. The pronotum has also 3 prominent dorsal ridges. The elytra have rows of punctures. The larva is elongated, yellowish-white with a brown head and numerous hairs.

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Silvanus surinamensis