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Publications of Riziero Tiberi (20 listed):

Forests (2021) 12 (2 - 175)
Matteo Bracalini, Francesco Croci, Emanuele Ciardi, Giulio Mannucci, Emanuele Papucci, Giulia Gestri, Riziero Tiberi and Tiziana Panzavolta (2021)
Ips sexdentatus mass-trapping: Mitigation of its negative effects on saproxylic beetles larger than the target

Bulletin of Insectology (2019) 72, 317-320
Tiziana Panzavolta, Matteo Bracalini, Francesco Croci, Luisa Ghelardini, Simone Luti, Sara Campigli, Emanuele Goti, Riccardo Marchi, Riziero Tiberi and Guido Marchi (2019)
Philaenus italosignus a potential vector of Xylella fastidiosa: occurrence of the spittlebug on olive trees in Tuscany (Italy)

Psyche (2018) (8078049), 1-13
Tiziana Panzavolta, Francesco Croci, Matteo Bracalini, George Melika, Stefano Benedettelli, Guido Tellini Florenzano and Riziero Tiberi (2018)
Population dynamics of native parasitoids associated with the Asian chestnut gall wasp (Dryocosmus kuriphilus) in Italy

Ecology and Evolution (2015) 5, 5372-5382
Riziero Tiberi, Matteo Bracalini, Francesco Croci, Guido Tellini Florenzano and Tiziana Panzavolta (2015)
Effects of climate on pine processionary moth fecundity and on its egg parasitoids

Bulletin of Insectology (2015) 68, 51-60
Matteo Bracalini, Matteo Cerboneschi, Francesco Croci, Tiziana Panzavolta, Riziero Tiberi, Carola Biancalani, Sofia Macconi and Stefania Tegli (2015)
Alien pest molecular diagnostics: can DNA traces be exploited to assess the damage caused by the western conifer seed bug on stone pine fructification?

Journal of Applied Entomology (2014) 138, 586-599
T. Panzavolta, M. Bracalini, L. Bonuomo, F. Croci and R. Tiberi (2014)
Field response of non-target beetles to Ips sexdentatus aggregation pheromone and pine volatiles

Journal of Economic Entomology (2013) 106, 229-234
Matteo Bracalini, Stefano Benedettelli, Francesco Croci, Perla Terreni, Riziero Tiberi and Tiziana Panzavolta (2013)
Cone and seed pests of Pinus pinea: Assessment and characterization of damage

Bulletin of Insectology (2013) 66, 195-201
Tiziana Panzavolta, Umberto Bernardo, Matteo Bracalini, Pasquale Cascone, Francesco Croci, Marco Gebiola, Luigi Iodice, Riziero Tiberi and Emilio Guerrieri (2013)
Native parasitoids associated with Dryocosmus kuriphilus in Tuscany, Italy

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2012) 14, 139-145
Tiziana Panzavolta, Matteo Bracalini, Francesco Croci, Carlo Campani, Tamaro Bartoletti, Giuditta Miniati, Stefano Benedettelli and Riziero Tiberi (2012)
Asian chestnut gall wasp in Tuscany: gall characteristics, egg distribution and chestnut cultivar susceptibility

Bulletin of Insectology (2010) 63, 45-50
Tiziana Panzavolta and Riziero Tiberi (2010)
Observations on the life cycle of Pissodes castaneus in central Italy

Bulletin of Insectology (2009) 62, 261-266
Riziero Tiberi, Matteo Faggi, Tiziana Panzavolta, Giuseppino Sabbatini Peverieri, Lorenzo Marziali and Angela Niccoli (2009)
Feeding preference of Tomicus destruens progeny adults on shoots of five pine species

Phytoparasitica (2008) 36, 313-321
A. Niccoli, T. Panzavolta, L. Marziali, G. Sabbatini Peverieri, G. Tellini Florenzano and R. Tiberi (2008)
Further studies on the role of monoterpenes in pine host selection and oviposition of Thaumetopoea pityocampa

Bulletin of Insectology (2008) 61, 337-342
Giuseppino Sabbatini Peverieri, Matteo Faggi, Lorenzo Marziali and Riziero Tiberi (2008)
Life cycle of Tomicus destruens in a pine forest of central Italy

Forest Pathology (2006) 36, 14-20
G. Sabbatini Peverieri, P. Capretti and R. Tiberi (2006)
Associations between Tomicus destruens and Leptographium spp. in Pinus pinea and P. pinaster stands in Tuscany, central Italy

Journal of Plant Pathology (2005) 87, p. 304 (Sabbatini Peverieri et al.)
G. Sabbatini Peverieri, C. Villari, R. Tiberi and P. Capretti (2005)
Occurrence of fungal root rot in pine trees in Tuscany and its relationship with Tomicus destruens
XII Meeting, Italian Society for Plant Pathology, Reggio Calabria, 29/9 - 1/10, 2005 (poster)

REDIA (2004) 87, 109-116
A. Niccoli, T. Panzavolta, F. Nori, S. Benedettelli and R. Tiberi (2004)
Field and laboratory trials on the use of host tree monoterpenes against Pine Processionary Caterpillars

REDIA (2004) 87, 257-260
A. Niccoli, F. Nori, T. Panzavolta and R. Tiberi (2004)
Effects of host plant monoterpenes on survival and development of the gregarious Pine Processionary Caterpillars

REDIA (2002) 85, 21-28
M. Innocenti and R. Tiberi (2002)
Cone and seed pests of Pinus pinea L. in Central Italy

Phytoparasitica (1999) 27, 263-272
R. Tiberi, A. Niccoli, M. Curini, F. Epifano, M.C. Marcotullio and O. Rosati (1999)
The role of the monoterpene composition in Pinus spp. needles, in host selection by the pine processionary caterpillar, Thaumetopoea pityocampa

Anzeiger für Schädlingskunde, Pflanzenschutz, Umweltschutz (1998) 71, 72-76
A. Battisti, S. Longo, R. Tiberi and O. Triggiani (1998)
Results and perspectives in the use of Bacillus thuringiensis Berl. var. kurstaki and other pathogens against Thaumetopoea pityocampa (Den. et Schiff.) in Italy (Lep., Thaumetopoeidae)