Pyricularia (genus)

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spores from a leaf blast lesion
Author(s): Donald Groth, Louisiana State University AgCenter
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Pyricularia Sacc. 1880

The genus contains the important rice blast fungus (Pyricularia oryzae). The pale brown conidia are often pyriform with a round base, a narrow tip and 2 septa. They are formed singly on the conidiophores. The ascomata are roundish, brown to black with long necks. The asci contain 8 spores.

The type species is Pyricularia grisea. The sexual forms have bee described under the genus Magnaporthe.

For taxonomic reviews of the genus see Klaubauf et al. (2014) and Crous et al. (2015).

Currently, the following species have been entered into the system: