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fruiting bodies of Neonectria faginata (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Joseph O'Brien, USDA Forest Service
Source: IPM Images


The Sordariomycetes is a large class of ascomycete fungi with more than 1,000 species. Many are important plant pathogens, like species from the genera Colletotrichum, Diaporthe, Fusarium or Verticillium.

Apart from other morphological characters of their fruiting bodies, most species form flask-shaped perithecial ascomata. However, for many species only the asexual (anamorphic) form is known.

For a taxonomic review see Maharachchikumbura et al., 2015.

This page only deals with plant pathogens. For other groups of Sordariomycetes in the system see

The following orders and groups are here included: