Miscellaneous Basidiomycota groups

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Miscellaneous groups within the Basidiomycota fungi

The following goups of basidiomycetous fungi are included:

Tilletia horrida PaDIL140181a.jpgExobasidiomycetes
This group includes genera like Tilletia or Exobasidium (13 species)
Sphacelotheca reiliana IPM5361261.jpgMicrobotryomycetes
This group includes several plant pathogens like Sphacelotheca reiliana causing head smut of maize and sorghum (1 species)
Ustilago maydis de 1.jpgUstilaginomycetes
This is an important group of plant pathogens which includes smut genera like Ustilago and Sporisorium (21 species)