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Publications of Marcelo Sandoval-Denis

Phytopathologia Mediterranea (2019) 58, 127-137
Vladimiro Guarnaccia, Dalia Aiello, Giancarlo Polizzi, Pedro W. Crous and Marcelo Sandoval-Denis (2019)
Soilborne diseases caused by Fusarium and Neocosmospora spp. on ornamental plants in Italy

Persoonia (2019) 43, 90-185
M. Sandoval-Denis, L. Lombard and P.W. Crous (2019)
Back to the roots: a reappraisal of Neocosmospora

Persoonia (2018) 40, 1-25
M. Sandoval-Denis, V. Guarnaccia, G. Polizzi and P.W. Crous (2018)
Symptomatic Citrus trees reveal a new pathogenic lineage in Fusarium and two new Neocosmospora species

Persoonia (2018) 40, 96-118
G. Bonthond, M. Sandoval-Denis, J.Z. Groenewald and P.W. Crous (2018)
Seiridium (Sporocadaceae): an important genus of plant pathogenic fungi

Studies in Mycology (2017) 86, 99-216
Y. Marin-Felix, J. Z. Groenewald, L. Cai, Q. Chen, S. Marincowitz, I. Barnes, K. Bensch, Braun, E. Camporesi, U. Damm, Z.W. de Beer, A. Dissanayake, Edwards, A. Giraldo, Hernández-Restrepo, D. Hyde, S. Jayawardena, Lombard, J. Luangsa-ard, A.R. McTaggart, A.Y. Rossman, M. Sandoval-Denis, M. Shen, R.G. Shivas, Y.P. Tan, J. van der Linde, M.J. Wingfield, A.R. Wood, J.Q. Zhang, Y. Zhang and P.W. Crous (2017)
Genera of phytopathogenic fungi: GOPHY 1

Mycotaxon (2016) 131, 693-702
Beatriz Ramos-García, Tomas Shagarodsky, Marcelo Sandoval-Denis, Yarelis Ortiz, Elaine Malosso, Phelipe M.O. Costa, Josep Guarro, David W. Minter, Daynet Sosa, Simón Pérez-Martínez and Rafael F. Castañeda-Ruiz (2016)
Morphology and phylogeny of Cladosporium subuliforme, causing yellow leaf spot of pepper in Cuba

Persoonia (2016) 36, 1-36
M. Sandoval-Denis, J. Gené, D.A. Sutton, J.F. Cano-Lira, G.S. de Hoog, C.A. Decock, N.P. Wiederhold and J. Guarro (2016)
Redefining Microascus, Scopulariopsis and allied genera