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Publications of Jafar Abdollahzadeh (10 listed):

Forest Pathology (2020) 50 (4 - e12605)
Somayeh Keypour, Hossein Riahi, Mohammad Reza Asef, Jafar Abdollahzadeh, Ali borhani and Naser Safaie (2020)
The true nature of Ganoderma in Iran: Taxonomy based on ITS and mtSSU rDNA

Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection (2017) 124, 601-610
Mohammad Hajizadeh, Hajareh Bahrampour and Jafar Abdollahzadeh (2017)
Genetic diversity and population structure of Watermelon mosaic virus

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2016) 146, 259-279
B.T. Linaldeddu, A. Deidda, B. Scanu, A. Franceschini, A. Alves, J. Abdollahzadeh and A.J.L. Phillips (2016)
Phylogeny, morphology and pathogenicity of Botryosphaeriaceae, Diatrypaceae and Gnomoniaceae associated with branch diseases of hazelnut in Sardinia (Italy)

FEMS Microbiology Letters (2014) 361, 144-157
Jafar Abdollahzadeh and Sajedeh Zolfaghari (2014)
Efficiency of rep-PCR fingerprinting as a useful technique for molecular typing of plant pathogenic fungal species: Botryosphaeriaceae species as a case study

Mycologia (2013) 105, 210-220
Jafar Abdollahzadeh, Rasoul Zare and Alan J.L. Phillips (2013)
Phylogeny and taxonomy of Botryosphaeria and Neofusicoccum species in Iran, with description of Botryosphaeria scharifii sp. nov.

Studies in Mycology (2013) 76, 51-167
A.J.L. Phillips, A. Alves, J. Abdollahzadeh, B. Slippers, M.J. Wingfield, J.Z. Groenewald and P.W. Crous (2013)
The Botryosphaeriaceae: genera and species known from culture

Persoonia (2012) 29, 29-38
A.J.L. Phillips, J. Lopes, J. Abdollahzadeh, S. Bobev and A. Alves (2012)
Resolving the Diplodia complex on apple and other Rosaceae hosts

Persoonia (2010) 25, 1-10
J. Abdollahzadeh, A. Javadi, E. Mohammadi Goltapeh, R. Zare and A.J.L. Phillips (2010)
Phylogeny and morphology of four new species of Lasiodiplodia from Iran

Persoonia (2009) 23, 1-8
J. Abdollahzadeh, E. Mohammadi Goltapeh, A. Javadi, M. Shams-Bakhsh, R. Zare and A.J.L. Phillips (2009)
Barriopsis iraniana and Phaeobotryon cupressi: two new species of the Botryosphaeriaceae from trees in Iran

Plant Pathology Journal (2006) 5, 228-232
J. Abdollahzadeh, E. Mohammadi Goltapeh and H. Rouhani (2006)
Biological control of Sclerotinia stem rot (S. minor ) of sunflower using Trichoderma species