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Publications of Malgorzata Jedryczka (23 listed):

Journal of Applied Genetics (2020) 61, 1-12
M. Ksiazkiewicz, K. Wójcik, W. Irzykowski, W. Bielski, S. Rychel, J. Kaczmarek, P. Plewinski, E. Rudy and M. Jedryczka (2020)
Validation of Diaporthe toxica resistance markers in European Lupinus angustifolius germplasm and identification of novel resistance donors for marker-assisted selection

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2017) 147, 181-198
Janetta Niemann, Joanna Kaczmarek, Tomasz Ksiazczyk, Andrzej Wojciechowski and Malgorzata Jedryczka (2017)
Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa ssp. pekinensis) – a valuable source of resistance to clubroot (Plasmodiophora brassicae)

Journal of Phytopathology (2016) 164, 1097-1104
Pei-ling Song, Malgorzata Jedryczka, Witold Irzykowski, Meng-jiao Yan, Hai-yan Huangfu, Li-fen Hao, Yu-ying Bao and Zi-qin Li (2016)
Efficient detection of Leptosphaeria maculans from infected seed lots of oilseed rape

BioControl (2016) 61, 755-768
Adam Dawidziuk, Delfina Popiel, Joanna Kaczmarek, Judyta Strakowska and Malgorzata Jedryczka (2016)
Optimal Trichoderma strains for control of stem canker of brassicas: molecular basis of biocontrol properties and azole resistance

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2016) 145, 559-572
Veronika Ricarová, Joanna Kaczmarek, Stephen E. Strelkov, Jan Kazda, Wolfgang Lueders, Pavel Rysanek, Victor Manolii and Malgorzata Jedryczka (2016)
Quantitative PCR shows propagation of Plasmodiophora brassicae in Swedish long term field trials

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2016) 145, 643-657
A. Brachaczek, J. Kaczmarek and M. Jedryczka (2016)
Monitoring blackleg (Leptosphaeria spp.) ascospore release timing and quantity enables optimal fungicide application to improved oilseed rape yield and seed quality

Phytopathology (2015) 105, 895-904
Neil D. Havis, James K.M. Brown, Gladys Clemente, Peter Frei, Malgorzata Jedryczka, Joanna Kaczmarek, Maciej Kaczmarek, Pavel Matusinsky, Graham R.D. McGrann, Sylvia Pereyra, Marta Piotrowska, Hind Sghyer, Aurelien Tellier and Michael Hess (2015)
Ramularia collo-cygni - An emerging pathogen of barley crops

Plant Pathology (2014) 63, 598-612
X. Zhang, R.P. White, E. Demir, M. Jedryczka, R.M. Lange, M. Islam, Z.Q. Li, Y.J. Huang, A.M. Hall, G. Zhou, Z. Wang, X. Cai, P. Skelsey and B.D.L. Fitt (2014)
Leptosphaeria spp., phoma stem canker and potential spread of L. maculans on oilseed rape crops in China

Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection (2014) 121, 58-63
Joanna Kaczmarek, Andrzej Brachaczek and Malgorzata Jedryczka (2014)
The effect of fungicide spray time on the incidence of stem canker of brassicas and seed yield of winter oilseed rape in Pomerania

Journal of Plant Protection Research (2014) 54, 238-241
Malgorzata Jedryczka, Idalia Kasprzyk, Marek Korbas, Ewa Jajor and Joanna Kaczmarek (2014)
Infestation of Polish agricultural soils by Plasmodiophora brassicae along the Polish-Ukrainian border

Biocontrol Science and Technology (2013) 23, 1110-1122
Urszula Wachowska, Witold Irzykowski, Malgorzata Jedryczka, Anna D. Stasiulewicz-Paluch and Katarzyna Glowacka (2013)
Biological control of winter wheat pathogens with the use of antagonistic Sphingomonas bacteria under greenhouse conditions

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2012) 134, 329-343
Adam Dawidziuk, Joanna Kaczmarek and Malgorzata Jedryczka (2012)
The effect of winter weather conditions on the ability of pseudothecia of Leptosphaeria maculans and L. biglobosa to release ascospores

Journal of Plant Protection Research (2010) 50, 103-109
Malgorzata Jedryczka, Witold Irzykowski, Ewa Jajor and Marek Korbas (2010)
Polymorphism of ten new minisatellite markers in subpopulations of phytopathogenic fungus Leptosphaeria maculans differing with metconazole treatment

Journal of Applied Genetics (2009) 50, 411-419
J. Kaczmarek, M. Jedryczka, B.D.L. Fitt, J.A. Lucas and A.O. Latunde-Dada (2009)
Analyses of air samples for ascospores of Leptosphaeria maculans and L. biglobosa by light microscopy and molecular techniques

Plant Pathology (2007) 56, 412-423
M.U. Salam, B.D.L. Fitt, J.-N. Aubertot, A.J. Diggle, Y.J. Huang, M.J. Barbetti, P. Gladders, M. Jedryczka, R.K. Khangura, N. Wratten, W.G.D. Fernando, A. Penaud, X. Pinochet and K. Sivasithamparam (2007)
Two weather-based models for predicting the onset of seasonal release of ascospores of Leptosphaeria maculans or L. biglobosa

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2006) 114, 67-75
Anna Stachowiak, Julia Olechnowicz, Malgorzata Jedryczka, Thierry Rouxel, Marie-Hélène Balesdent, Ingrid Happstadius, Peter Gladders, Akinwunmi Latunde-Dada and Neal Evans (2006)
Frequency of avirulence alleles in field populations of Leptosphaeria maculans in Europe

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2005) 111, 263-277
Yong-Ju Huang, Bruce D.L. Fitt, Malgorzata Jedryczka, Sylwia Dakowska, Jonathan S. West, Peter Gladders, Julie M. Steed and Zi-Qin Li (2005)
Patterns of ascospore release in relation to phoma stem canker epidemiology in England (Leptosphaeria maculans) and Poland (Leptosphaeria biglobosa)

Plant Pathology (2001) 50, 28-41
C. Toscano-Underwood, J.S. West, B.D.L. Fitt, A.D. Todd and M. Jedryczka (2001)
Development of phoma lesions on oilseed rape leaves inoculated with ascospores of A-group or B-group Leptosphaeria maculans (stem canker) at different temperatures and wetness durations

European Journal of Plant Pathology (1999) 105, 813-823
M. Jedryczka, T. Rouxel and M.H. Balesdent (1999)
Rep-PCR based genomic fingerprinting of isolates of Leptosphaeria maculans from Poland

Zeitschrift für Pflanzenkrankheiten und Pflanzenschutz - Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection (1999) 106, 608-617
M. Jedryczka, B.D.L. Fitt, P. Kachlicki, E. Lewartowska, M.H. Balesdent and T. Rouxel (1999)
Comparison between Polish and United Kingdom populations of Leptosphaeria maculans, cause of stem canker of winter oilseed rape

Zeitschrift für Pflanzenkrankheiten und Pflanzenschutz - Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection (1998) 105, 283-288
L. Ziman, M. Jedryczka and A. Srobarova (1998)
Relationship between morphological and biochemical characteristics of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum isolates and their aggressivity

International Congress of Plant Pathology (1998) Zhang et al. - Phytotoxic activity of ...
W. Zhang, P. Kachlicki, T. Cegielska-Taras and M. Jedryczka (1998)
Phytotoxic activity of Tox0 Leptosphaeria maculans metabolites to microspore-derived embryos and protoplasts of oilseed rape
Edinburgh, U.K. (9 - 16 Aug. 1998), Poster presented in section: Molecular biology of fungal pathogenicity

Phytopathology (1998) 88, 1210-1217
M.H. Balesdent, M. Jedryczka, L. Jain, E. Mendes-Pereira, J. Bertrandy and T. Rouxel (1998)
Conidia as a substrate for internal transcribed spacer-based PCR identification of members of the Leptosphaeria maculans species complex