Journal of Pest Science (2010) 83 (3)

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Articles of Journal of Pest Science entered for 2010 and volume (issue): 83 (3)

Journal of Pest Science (2010) 83, 197-215
Nicolas Desneux, Eric Wajnberg, Kris A.G. Wyckhuys, Giovanni Burgio, Salvatore Arpaia, Consuelo A. Narváez-Vasquez, Joel González-Cabrera, Diana Catalán Ruescas, Elisabeth Tabone, Jacques Frandon, Jeannine Pizzol, Christine Poncet, Tomás Cabello and Alberto Urbaneja (2010)
Biological invasion of European tomato crops by Tuta absoluta: ecology, geographic expansion and prospects for biological control

Journal of Pest Science (2010) 83, 217-221
Ondrej Douda, Miloslav Zouhar, Jana Mazáková, Eva Nováková and Roman Pavela (2010)
Using plant essences as alternative mean for northern root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne hapla) management

Journal of Pest Science (2010) 83, 223-229
Edson Luiz Lopes Baldin and Ronaldo Antonio Beneduzzi (2010)
Characterization of antibiosis and antixenosis to the whitefly silverleaf Bemisia tabaci B biotype (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) in several squash varieties

Journal of Pest Science (2010) 83, 231-241
Eduardo Masi, Francisco A. Pino, Maria das Graças S. Santos, Ludvig Genehr, José Olímpio M. Albuquerque, Andréa M. Bancher and Julio Cesar M. Alves (2010)
Socioeconomic and environmental risk factors for urban rodent infestation in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Journal of Pest Science (2010) 83, 243-249
M. Mansour (2010)
Effects of gamma radiation on the Mediterranean flour moth, Ephestia kuehniella, eggs and acceptability of irradiated eggs by Trichogramma cacoeciae females

Journal of Pest Science (2010) 83, 251-256
Elisabeth Tabone, Céline Bardon, Nicolas Desneux and Eric Wajnberg (2010)
Parasitism of different Trichogramma species and strains on Plutella xylostella L. on greenhouse cauliflower

Journal of Pest Science (2010) 83, 257-264
Stefan Toepfer, Benedikt Kurtz and Ulrich Kuhlmann (2010)
Influence of soil on the efficacy of entomopathogenic nematodes in reducing Diabrotica virgifera virgifera in maize

Journal of Pest Science (2010) 83, 265-272
Fedai Erler, Huseyin Cetin, Halil Saribasak and Ayhan Serttas (2010)
Laboratory and field evaluations of some botanical pesticides against the cedar leaf moth, Acleris undulana

Journal of Pest Science (2010) 83, 273-279
Pathipati Usha Rani and Pala Rajasekharreddy (2010)
Insecticidal activity of (2n-octylcycloprop-1-enyl)-octanoic acid (I) against three Coleopteran stored product insects from Sterculia foetida (L.)

Journal of Pest Science (2010) 83, 281-287
John Mukuka, Olaf Strauch, Christopher Hoppe and Ralf-Udo Ehlers (2010)
Fitness of heat and desiccation tolerant hybrid strains of Heterorhabditis bacteriophora (Rhabditidomorpha: Heterorhabditidae)

Journal of Pest Science (2010) 83, 289-296
A.C. Chatzigeorgiou, N.T. Papadopoulos and D.A. Prophetou-Athanasiadou (2010)
Effect of cotton cultivars on the oviposition preference of pink bollworm (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)

Journal of Pest Science (2010) 83, 297-305
Derian Echeverri-Molina and Serena Santolamazza-Carbone (2010)
Toxicity of synthetic and biological insecticides against adults of the Eucalyptus snout-beetle Gonipterus scutellatus Gyllenhal (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Journal of Pest Science (2010) 83, 307-310
L. Di Toto Blessing, O. Álvarez Colom, S. Popich, A. Neske and A. Bardón (2010)
Antifeedant and toxic effects of acetogenins from Annona montana on Spodoptera frugiperda

Journal of Pest Science (2010) 83, 311-317
Feng-Lian Yang, Fen Zhu and Chao-Liang Lei (2010)
Garlic essential oil and its major component as fumigants for controlling Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) in chambers filled with stored grain

Journal of Pest Science (2010) 83, 319-327
Lukás Varga, Peter J. Fedor, Martin Suvák, Jozef Kisel'ák and Ekrem Atakan (2010)
Larval and adult food preferences of the poinsettia thrips Echinothrips americanus Morgan, 1913 (Thysanoptera: Thripidae)

Journal of Pest Science (2010) 83, 329-337
Anders Aak, Tone Birkemoe and Reidar Mehl (2010)
Blowfly (Diptera, Calliphoridae) damage on stockfish in northern Norway: pest species, damage assessment and the potential of mass trapping

Journal of Pest Science (2010) 83, 339-345
Anegunda S. Dinesh, Melally G. Venkatesha and Sompalyam Ramakrishna (2010)
Development, life history characteristics and behaviour of mealybug predator, Spalgis epeus (Westwood) (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) on Planococcus citri (Risso) (Homoptera: Pseudococcidae)

Journal of Pest Science (2010) 83, 347-359
Matteo Patergnani, Lapo Mughini Gras, Giovanni Poglayen, Aldo Gelli, Fernando Pasqualucci, Marco Farina and Laura Stancampiano (2010)
Environmental influence on urban rodent bait consumption