Echinothrips americanus

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Echinothrips americanus female (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Laurence Mound, ANIC, CSIRO
Source: PaDIL

Echinothrips americanus Morgan 1913 - (poinsettia thrips)

This species of thrips is native in eastern parts of North America but has spread to Europe (first record 1989), to Asia (e.g. first report from China in 2010), northern Asutralia and Hawaii. It damages the leaves of various ornamentals and greenhouse crops and can also feed on flowers. The females deposit their eggs into the leaf tissue.

The adult has a dark colour with lighter bands. The wings are grey with a darker section in the middle. Like many thrips species, it has an arrhenotokous mode of reproduction. That means fertilized eggs develop into females and unfertilized eggs develop into males.