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Vernacular names
• Deutsch: Fransenflügler
• English: thrips
• Español: trips
• Français: thysanoptères
onion thrips (Thrips tabaci)
Author: Diane Alston (Utah State University)
Source: IPM Images

Thysanoptera (thrips)

This order includes small, slender and flat insects. The wings are very narrow with greatly reduced venation and fringed with long hairs. They are usually 1-2 mm long. They have asymmetrical piercing mouthparts which are used to rupture plant cells. The tarsi have have 1 or 2 segments, each with a protrusible vesicle. The antennae are short with 6-10 segments. The metamorphosis includes 1 or 2 inactive pupal instars.

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This group refers to plant pests only, for other groups of Thysanoptera see:

The following families of Thysanoptera (plant pests) are included in the system: