Predators - Thysanoptera (thrips)

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Scolothrips ochoa feeding on an immature mite (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Laurence Mound
Source: Open Media

predators - Thysanoptera (thrips)

The order of Thysanoptera includes small, slender and flat insects. The wings are very narrow with greatly reduced venation and fringed with long hairs. They are usually 1-2 mm long. The metamorphosis includes 1 or 2 inactive pupal instars.

Many species are important pests of crops as well as vectors of plant diseases. However, some species are beneficial predators which feed on pests like mites, whiteflies or pest thrips. This page deals with the latter group and includes also some ectoparasites.

This page deals only with predatory species of Thysanoptera. For other groups see

The following genera and individual species are currently entered under Thysanoptera (predators):