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Publications of Joel Lutomiah (20 listed):

Insects (2020) 11 (6 - 342)
Gillian Eastwood, Rosemary C. Sang, Joel Lutomiah, Philip Tunge and Scott C. Weaver (2020)
Sylvatic mosquito diversity in Kenya—Considering enzootic ecology of arboviruses in an era of deforestation

Parasites and Vectors (2020) 13 (417) - Genetic structure of the
Siyang Xia, Luciano V. Cosme, Joel Lutomiah, Rosemary Sang, Marc F. Ngangue, Nil Rahola, Diego Ayala and Jeffrey R. Powell (2020)
Genetic structure of the mosquito Aedes aegypti in local forest and domestic habitats in Gabon and Kenya

PLoS ONE (2019) 14 (12 - e0226617)
Lindsay P. Campbell, Daniel C. Reuman, Joel Lutomiah, A. Townsend Peterson, Kenneth J. Linthicum, Seth C. Britch, Assaf Anyamba and Rosemary Sang (2019)
Predicting abundances of Aedes mcintoshi, a primary Rift Valley fever virus mosquito vector

PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases (2018) 12 (10 - e0006746)
Francis Mulwa, Joel Lutomiah, Edith Chepkorir, Samwel Okello, Fredrick Eyase, Caroline Tigoi, Michael Kahato and Rosemary Sang (2018)
Vector competence of Aedes bromeliae and Aedes vittatus mosquito populations from Kenya for chikungunya virus

Molecular Ecology Resources (2017) 17, 466-480
Jandouwe Villinger, Martin K. Mbaya, Daniel Ouso, Purity N. Kipanga, Joel Lutomiah and Daniel K. Masiga (2017)
Arbovirus and insect-specific virus discovery in Kenya by novel six genera multiplex high-resolution melting analysis

Journal of Medical Entomology (2017) 54, 460-470
R. Sang, J. Lutomiah, M. Said, A. Makio, H. Koka, E. Koskei, A. Nyunja, S. Owaka, D. Matoke-Muhia, S. Bukachi, J. Lindahl, D. Grace and B. Bett (2017)
Effects of irrigation and rainfall on the population dynamics of Rift Valley fever and other arbovirus mosquito vectors in the epidemic-prone Tana River County, Kenya

PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases (2017) 11 (8 - e0005860)
Sheila B. Agha, Edith Chepkorir, Francis Mulwa, Caroline Tigoi, Samwel Arum, Milehna M. Guarido, Peris Ambala, Betty Chelangat, Joel Lutomiah, David P. Tchouassi, Michael J. Turell and Rosemary Sang (2017)
Vector competence of populations of Aedes aegypti from three distinct cities in Kenya for chikungunya virus

Virology Journal (2016) 13 (114) - Vector competence of Aedes ...
Sophiah Mbaika, Joel Lutomiah, Edith Chepkorir, Francis Mulwa, Christopher KhayekaWandabwa, Caroline Tigoi, Elijah OyooOkoth, James Mutisya, Zipporah Ng'ang'a and Rosemary Sang (2016)
Vector competence of Aedes aegypti in transmitting Chikungunya virus: effects and implications of extrinsic incubation temperature on dissemination and infection rates

PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases (2016) 10 (10 - e0004981)
Joel Lutomiah, Roberto Barrera, Albina Makio, James Mutisya, Hellen Koka, Samuel Owaka, Edith Koskei, Albert Nyunja, Fredrick Eyase, Rodney Coldren and Rosemary Sang (2016)
Dengue outbreak in Mombasa City, Kenya, 2013–2014: Entomologic investigations

Molecular Ecology (2016) 25, 5377-5395
Andrea Gloria-Soria, Diego Ayala, Ambicadutt Bheecarry, Olger Calderon-Arguedas, Dave D. Chadee, Marina Chiappero, Maureen Coetzee, Khouaildi Bin Elahee, Ildefonso Fernandez-Salas, Hany A. Kamal, Basile Kamgang, Emad I.M. Khater, Laura D. Kramer, Vicki Kramer, Alma Lopez-Solis, Joel Lutomiah, Ademir Martins Jr, Maria Victoria Micieli, Christophe Paupy, Alongkot Ponlawat, Nil Rahola, Syed Basit Rasheed, Joshua B. Richardson, Amag A. Saleh, Rosa Maria Sanchez-Casas, Gonçalo Seixas, Carla A. Sousa, Walter J. Tabachnick, Adriana Troyo and Jeffrey R. Powell (2016)
Global genetic diversity of Aedes aegypti

PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases (2014) 8 (12 - e3364)
David P. Tchouassi, Armanda D.S. Bastos, Catherine L. Sole, Mawlouth Diallo, Joel Lutomiah, James Mutisya, Francis Mulwa, Christian Borgemeister, Rosemary Sang and Baldwyn Torto (2014)
Population genetics of two key mosquito vectors of Rift Valley fever virus reveals new insights into the changing disease outbreak patterns in Kenya

Journal of Medical Entomology (2014) 51, 1248-1253
Collins Odhiambo, Marietjie Venter, Edith Chepkorir, Sophia Mbaika, Joel Lutomiah, Robert Swanepoel and Rosemary Sang (2014)
Vector competence of selected mosquito species in Kenya for Ngari and Bunyamwera viruses

Journal of Medical Entomology (2014) 51, 269-277
Joel Lutomiah, Lillian Musila, Albina Makio, Caroline Ochieng, Hellen Koka, Edith Chepkorir, James Mutisya, Francis Mulwa, Samoel Khamadi, Barry R. Miller, Joshua Bast, David Schnabel, Eyako K. Wurapa and Rosemary Sang (2014)
Ticks and tick-borne viruses from livestock hosts in arid and semiarid regions of the eastern and northeastern parts of Kenya

Journal of Medical Entomology (2014) 51, 1091-1095
Joel Lutomiah, Juliette Ongus, Kenneth J. Linthicum and Rosemary Sang (2014)
Natural vertical transmission of ndumu virus in Culex pipiens (Diptera: Culicidae) mosquitoes collected as larvae

Parasites and Vectors (2014) 7 (435) - Vector competence of Aedes ...
Edith Chepkorir, Joel Lutomiah, James Mutisya, Francis Mulwa, Konongoi Limbaso, Benedict Orindi, Zipporah Ng'ang'a and Rosemary Sang (2014)
Vector competence of Aedes aegypti populations from Kilifi and Nairobi for dengue 2 virus and the influence of temperature

Journal of Vector Ecology (2013) 38, 134-142
Joel Lutomiah, Joshua Bast, Jeffrey Clark, Jason Richardson, Santos Yalwala, David Oullo, James Mutisya, Francis Mulwa, Lillian Musila, Samoel Khamadi, David Schnabel, Eyako Wurapa and Rosemary Sang (2013)
Abundance, diversity, and distribution of mosquito vectors in selected ecological regions of Kenya: public health implications

Journal of Medical Entomology (2011) 48, 1197-1201
Joel L. Lutomiah, Hellen Koka, James Mutisya, Santos Yalwala, Milka Muthoni, Albina Makio, Samson Limbaso, Lillian Musila, Jeffrey W. Clark, Michael J. Turell, Elizabeth Kioko, David Schnabel and Rosemary C. Sang (2011)
Ability of selected Kenyan mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae) species to transmit West Nile virus under laboratory conditions

Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences (2011) 278, 2446-2454
Julia E. Brown, Carolyn S. McBride, Petrina Johnson, Scott Ritchie, Christophe Paupy, Hervé Bossin, Joel Lutomiah, Ildefonso Fernandez-Salas, Alongkot Ponlawat, Anthony J. Cornel, William C. Black IV, Norma Gorrochotegui-Escalante, Ludmel Urdaneta-Marquez, Massamba Sylla, Michel Slotman, Kristy O. Murray, Christopher Walker and Jeffrey R. Powell (2011)
Worldwide patterns of genetic differentiation imply multiple 'domestications' of Aedes aegypti, a major vector of human diseases

Journal of Medical Entomology (2009) 46, 961-964
Mary Crabtree, Rosemary Sang, Joel Lutomiah, Jason Richardson and Barry Miller (2009)
Arbovirus surveillance of mosquitoes collected at sites of active Rift Valley fever virus transmission: Kenya, 2006-2007

Journal of Insect Science (2007) 7 (55), 1-7
J.L. Lutomiah, C. Mwandawiro, J. Magambo and R.C. Sang (2007)
Infection and vertical transmission of Kamiti river virus in laboratory bred Aedes aegypti mosquitoes