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Dictyophara europaea nymph (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Jean-Jacques Milan
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Fulgoromorpha (planthoppers and relatives)

This group is part of the Auchenorrhyncha (together with the Cicadomorpha) and includes families of insects where the antennae are inserted below the eyes. (The Auchenorrhyncha can be distinguished from the Sternorrhyncha by the rostrum clearly originating from the head and the antenna being short with a terminal arista.) Several families, e.g. the Delphacidae, include efficient vectors of plant diseases.

For identifying members of this group and keys to the 20 families it contains, see Species-ID. Stephen W. Wilson (2005) has published a taxonomic key to the 20 families of Fulgoromorpha as well as keys to the economically important groups of the south-eastern U.S.A.

Families of Fulgoromorpha: