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Lycorma delicatula (click on image to enlarge it)
Authors: Surendra K. Dara, Lawrence Barringer and Steven P. Arthurs
Source: Journal of Integrated Pest Management (2015) 6 (1 - 20), p. 3

Fulgoridae - (lanternflies)

The Fulgoridae are large and often colourful planthoppers found mostly in tropical and subtropical regions. Many are rare, however, a few are regarded as pests, like Lycorma delicatula which is invasive in several countries and infests various trees.

The Fulgoridae contain some of the most spectacular insects. Some species can reach a size of almost 10 cm. The adults usually have a process on the head which can vary in size from a small knob to a large, balloon-like structure. These "laterns" were originally thought to glow in the dark. The 2nd segment of the hind tarsi has a row of apical spines. The apical parts of the hindwings and in most species also the forewings have many cross veins.

The following species and genera are currently entered in the system: