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Publications of Francois Roets (19 listed):

Forest Pathology (2020) 50 (6 - e12645)
Minette Havenga, Brenda D. Wingfield, Michael J. Wingfield, Léanne L. Dreyer, Francois Roets and Janneke Aylward (2020)
Diagnostic markers for Teratosphaeria destructans and closely related species

Plant Pathology (2020) 69, 28-37
J. Aylward, M. Havenga, L.L. Dreyer, F. Roets, B.D. Wingfield and M.J. Wingfield (2020)
Genomic characterization of mating type loci and mating type distribution in two apparently asexual plantation tree pathogens

Persoonia (2020) 44, 41-66
C.G. Mayers, T.C. Harrington, H. Masuya, B.H. Jordal, D.L. McNew, H.-H. Shih, F. Roets and G.J. Kietzka (2020)
Patterns of coevolution between ambrosia beetle mycangia and the Ceratocystidaceae, with five new fungal genera and seven new species

Plant Pathology (2020) 69, 1540-1550
Minette Havenga, Brenda D. Wingfield, Michael J. Wingfield, Léanne L. Dreyer, Francois Roets, ShuaiFei Chen and Janneke Aylward (2020)
Low genetic diversity and strong geographic structure in introduced populations of the Eucalyptus foliar pathogen Teratosphaeria destructans

IMA Fungus (2019) 10 (13) - Draft genome sequences of
Brenda D. Wingfield, Arista Fourie, Melissa C. Simpson, Vuyiswa S. Bushula-Njah, Janneke Aylward, Irene Barnes, Martin P.A. Coetzee, Léanne L. Dreyer, Tuan A. Duong, David M. Geiser, Francois Roets, E.T. Steenkamp, Magriet A. van der Nest, Carel J. van Heerden and Michael J. Wingfield (2019)
Draft genome sequences of Fusarium xylarioides, Teratosphaeria gauchensis and T. zuluensis and genome annotation for Ceratocystis fimbriata

Persoonia (2019) 43, 223-425
P.W. Crous, M.J. Wingfield, L. Lombard, F. Roets, W.J. Swart, P. Alvarado, A.J. Carnegie, G. Moreno, J. Luangsa-Ard, R. Thangavel, A.V. Alexandrova, I.G. Baseia, J.-M. Bellanger, A.E. Bessette, A.R. Bessette, S. Delapeña-Lastra, D. García, J. Gené, T.H.G. Pham, M. Heykoop, E. Malysheva, V. Malysheva, M.P. Martín, O.V. Morozova, W. Noisripoom, B.E. Overton, A.E. Rea, B.J. Sewall, M.E. Smith, C.W. Smyth, K. Tasanathai, C.M. Visagie, S. Adamík, A. Alves, J.P. Andrade, M.J. Aninat, R.V.B. Araújo, J.J. Bordallo, T. Boufleur, R. Baroncelli, R.W. Barreto, J. Bolin, J. Cabero, M. Cabo, G. Cafà, M.L.H. Caffot, L. Cai, J.R. Carlavilla, R. Chávez, R.R.L. Decastro, L. Delgat, D. Deschuyteneer, M.M. Dios, L.S. Domínguez, H.C. Evans, G. Eyssartier, B.W. Ferreira, C.N. Figueiredo, F. Liu, J. Fournier, L.V. Galli-Terasawa, C. Gil-Durán, C. Glienke, M.F.M. Gonçalves, H. Gryta, J. Guarro, W. Himaman, N. Hywel-Jones, I. Iturrieta-González, N.E. Ivanushkina, P. Jargeat, A.N. Khalid, J. Khan, M. Kiran, L. Kiss, G.A. Kochkina, M. Kolaík, A. Kubátová, D.J. Lodge, M. Loizides, D. Luque, J.L. Manjón, P.A.S. Marbach, N.S. Massolajr, M. Mata, A.N. Miller, S. Mongkolsamrit, P.-A. Moreau, A. Morte, A. Mujic, A. Navarro-Ródenas, M.Z. Németh, T.F. Nóbrega, A. Nováková, I. Olariaga, S.M. Ozerskaya, M.A. Palma, D.A.L. Petters-Vandresen, E. Piontelli, E.S. Popov, A. Rodríguez, Ó. Requejo, A.C.M. Rodrigues, I.H. Rong, J. Roux, K.A. Seifert, B.D.B. Silva, F. Sklená, J.A. Smith, J.O. Sousa, H.G. Souza, J.T. Desouza, K. Vec, P. Tanchaud, J.B. Tanney, F. Terasawa, D. Thanakitpipattana, D. Torres-Garcia, I. Vaca, N. Vaghefi, A.L. Vaniperen, O.V. Vasilenko, A. Verbeken, N. Yilmaz, J.C. Zamora, M. Zapata, Z. Jurjevic and J.Z. Groenewald (2019)
Fungal Planet description sheets: 951-1041

Molecular Plant Pathology (2019) 20, 8-19
Janneke Aylward, Francois Roets, Leánne L. Dreyer and Michael J. Wingfield (2019)
Teratosphaeria stem canker of Eucalyptus: two pathogens, one devastating disease

Biological Invasions (2019) 21, 925-933
Francois Roets, Pieter C. Benadé, Michael J. Samways and Ruan Veldtman (2019)
Better colony performance, not natural enemy release, explains numerical dominance of the exotic Polistes dominula wasp over a native congener in South Africa

Plant Pathology (2018) 67, 883-891
M.P.A. Coetzee, N.Y. Musasira, J. Roux, F. Roets, N.A. van der Merwe and M.J. Wingfield (2018)
Armillaria root rot spreading into a natural woody ecosystem in South Africa

IMA Fungus (2017) 8, 1-15
Janneke Aylward, Emma T. Steenkamp, Léanne L. Dreyer, Francois Roets, Brenda D. Wingfield and Michael J. Wingfield (2017)
A plant pathology perspective of fungal genome sequencing

Biological Invasions (2017) 19, 3629-3644
Joseph M. Hulbert, Michelle C. Agne, Treena I. Burgess, Francois Roets and Michael J. Wingfield (2017)
Urban environments provide opportunities for early detections of Phytophthora invasions

Austral Ecology (2016) 41, 906-917
Malebajoa A. Maoela, Shayne M. Jacobs, Francois Roets and Karen J. Esler (2016)
Invasion, alien control and restoration: Legacy effects linked to folivorous insects and phylopathogenic fungi

Phytopathology (2014) 104, 1063-1069
P. Moyo, E. Allsopp, F. Roets, L. Mostert and F. Halleen (2014)
Arthropods vector grapevine trunk disease pathogens

Plant Pathology (2013) 62, 667-678
S.F. Chen, M.J. Wingfield, F. Roets and J. Roux (2013)
A serious canker disease caused by Immersiporthe knoxdaviesiana gen. et sp. nov. (Cryphonectriaceae) on native Rapanea melanophloeos in South Africa

Persoonia (2010) 24, 18-28
F. Roets, B.D. Wingfield, Z.W. de Beer, M.J. Wingfield and L.L. Dreyer (2010)
Two new Ophiostoma species from Protea caffra in Zambia

Environmental Entomology (2009) 38, 143-152
F. Roets, P.W. Crous, M.J. Wingfield, and L.L. Dreyer (2009)
Mite-mediated hyperphoretic dispersal of Ophiostoma spp. from the infructescences of South African Protea spp.

Mycologia (2009) 101, 888-895
Cobus M. Visagie, Francois Roets and Karin Jacobs (2009)
A new species of Penicillium, P. ramulosum sp. nov., from the natural environment

Mycologia (2008) 100, 496-510
Francois Roets, Z. Wilhelm de Beer, Michael J. Wingfield, Pedro W. Crous and Léanne L. Dreyer (2008)
Ophiostoma gemellus and Sporothrix variecibatus from mites infesting Protea infructescences in South Africa

Environmental Entomology (2007) 36, 1226-1237
F. Roets, M.J. Wingfield, P.W. Crous and L.L. Dreyer (2007)
Discovery of fungus-mite mutualism in a unique niche