Polistes dominula (predator)

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Polistes dominula (click on image to enlarge it)
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Polistes dominula (predator) (Christ, 1791) - (European paper wasp)

This wasp is native to Europe and has been introduced into several other regions like North and South America, southern Africa and eastern Asia. In Europe, it is a useful predator of pest insects like caterpillars or sawflies. However, in the introduced areas, it is often invasive and regarded as a nuisance pest as well as a threat to the biodiversity of native species (van Zyl et al., 2018).

Workers and drones are between 10 and 15 mm long, queens around 18 mm. P. dominula has long legs which hang down during flight. The abdomen has a variable pattern of black and yellow areas. The second abdominal segment always has to yellow areas.

Polistes dominulus