EPPO Bulletin (2006) 36, 497-511

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A.D. Orlinski (2006)
Outcomes of the EPPO project on quarantine pests for forestry
EPPO Bulletin 36 (3), 497-511
Abstract: The EPPO Project on Quarantine Pests for Forestry ran from 2000 to 2005. It mainly focused on the risks from forests pests present in the former USSR, particularly in its Asian part, with regard to their possible impacts on the non-Asian parts of the EPPO region. A special EPPO Panel, called the Panel on Quarantine Pests for Forestry, was created to implement this project. The EPPO Secretariat collected short information on the taxonomy, geographical distribution, host plants, biology and impact of 1365 pests and on the taxonomy and geographical distribution of 653 main forest trees on the territory of the former USSR. In the process of prioritization, which took place over 10 meetings in various countries in the EPPO region, the Panel selected species that were more likely to present high risk for the non-Asian part of the EPPO region. For these species, more detailed data were collected and datasheets were prepared. The Panel performed Pest Risk Analysis for 45 species of pests and recommended 19 of them for inclusion into the EPPO lists of pests recommended for regulation. Possible phytosanitary measures have been selected in the process of Pest Risk Management to reduce the risk of introduction of these 19 pests into endangered areas. The Panel has begun preparing Commodity standards for wood and woody plants.
(The abstract is excluded from the Creative Commons licence and has been copied with permission by the publisher.)
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Database assignments for author(s): Andrei D. Orlinski

Research topic(s) for pests/diseases/weeds:
quarantine treatments/regulations/aspects

Pest and/or beneficial records:

Beneficial Pest/Disease/Weed Crop/Product Country Quarant.

Strobilomyia viaria Russia (W Asia)
Strobilomyia viaria Russia (E Asia)
Strobilomyia viaria China (NE)
Lymantria mathura Japan
Lymantria mathura Korea-North
Lymantria mathura Korea-South
Lymantria mathura India
Lymantria mathura Nepal
Lymantria mathura Pakistan
Lymantria mathura Russia (E Asia)
Lymantria mathura China (NE)
Lymantria mathura China (NW)
Ceroplastes sinensis France
Ceroplastes sinensis Georgia
Ceroplastes sinensis Italy
Ceroplastes sinensis Portugal (continental)
Ceroplastes sinensis Russia (Eur.)
Ceroplastes sinensis Spain (continental)
Ceroplastes sinensis Turkey
Ceroplastes sinensis Japan
Ceroplastes sinensis Vietnam
Ceroplastes sinensis Azerbaijan
Ceroplastes sinensis India
Ceroplastes sinensis Iran
Ceroplastes sinensis Tajikistan
Ceroplastes sinensis Uzbekistan
Ceroplastes sinensis New Zealand
Ceroplastes sinensis Benin
Ceroplastes sinensis Ivory Coast
Ceroplastes sinensis Togo
Ceroplastes sinensis Mozambique
Ceroplastes sinensis Algeria
Ceroplastes sinensis Egypt
Ceroplastes sinensis Morocco
Ceroplastes sinensis Tunisia
Ceroplastes sinensis Syria
Ceroplastes sinensis Mexico
Ceroplastes sinensis U.S.A. (Hawaii)
Ceroplastes japonicus France
Ceroplastes japonicus Georgia
Ceroplastes japonicus Italy
Ceroplastes japonicus Russia (Eur.)
Ceroplastes japonicus Slovenia
Ceroplastes japonicus United Kingdom
Ceroplastes japonicus Japan
Ceroplastes japonicus Korea-South
Ceroplastes japonicus Azerbaijan
Ceroplastes japonicus New Zealand
Agelastica alni Kazakhstan
Agelastica alni Iran
Dryocosmus kuriphilus Italy
Dryocosmus kuriphilus Japan
Dryocosmus kuriphilus Korea-South
Dryocosmus kuriphilus U.S.A. (SE)
Hylobius albosparsus Russia (Eur.)
Hylobius albosparsus Japan
Hylobius albosparsus Mongolia
Hylobius albosparsus Russia (W Asia)
Hylobius albosparsus Russia (E Asia)
Xylotrechus namanganensis Kazakhstan
Xylotrechus namanganensis Afghanistan
Dendrolimus superans Japan
Dendrolimus superans Russia (E Asia)
Ips subelongatus Russia (Eur.)
Ips subelongatus Mongolia
Ips subelongatus Russia (W Asia)
Ips subelongatus Russia (E Asia)
Ips subelongatus China (NE)
Dendrolimus sibiricus Kazakhstan
Dendrolimus sibiricus Russia (Eur.)
Dendrolimus sibiricus Korea-North
Dendrolimus sibiricus Korea-South
Dendrolimus sibiricus Mongolia
Dendrolimus sibiricus Russia (W Asia)
Dendrolimus sibiricus Russia (E Asia)
Dendrolimus sibiricus China (NE)
Strobilomyia luteoforceps Larch (Larix) Russia (E Asia)
Strobilomyia luteoforceps Larch (Larix) China (NE)
Agrilus planipennis Japan
Agrilus planipennis Mongolia
Agrilus planipennis Taiwan
Agrilus planipennis Russia (E Asia)
Agrilus planipennis China (NE)
Aeolesthes sarta Afghanistan
Aeolesthes sarta Kyrgyzstan
Aeolesthes sarta India
Aeolesthes sarta Iran
Aeolesthes sarta Pakistan
Aeolesthes sarta Tajikistan
Aeolesthes sarta Turkmenistan
Aeolesthes sarta Uzbekistan
Scolytus morawitzi Russia (Eur.)
Scolytus morawitzi Mongolia
Scolytus morawitzi Russia (W Asia)
Scolytus morawitzi Russia (E Asia)
Xylotrechus altaicus Mongolia
Xylotrechus altaicus Russia (W Asia)
Xylotrechus altaicus Russia (E Asia)
Stegophora ulmea Canada (east)
Erschoviella musculana Walnut/butternut (Juglans) Kazakhstan
Lepidosaphes ussuriensis Japan
Lepidosaphes ussuriensis Russia (E Asia)
Lepidosaphes ussuriensis China (NE)
Malacosoma parallela Armenia
Malacosoma parallela Kazakhstan
Malacosoma parallela Turkey
Malacosoma parallela Kyrgyzstan
Malacosoma parallela Iran
Malacosoma parallela Tajikistan
Malacosoma parallela Turkmenistan
Malacosoma parallela Uzbekistan
Malacosoma parallela Syria
Ips hauseri Kazakhstan
Ips hauseri Kyrgyzstan
Ips hauseri Tajikistan
Ips hauseri Russia (W Asia)
Sirex ermak Russia (W Asia)
Sirex ermak Russia (E Asia)
Hesperophanes campestris Japan
Hesperophanes campestris Korea-North
Hesperophanes campestris Mongolia
Hesperophanes campestris Russia (W Asia)
Hesperophanes campestris Russia (E Asia)
Hesperophanes campestris China (NE)
Hesperophanes campestris Apple (Malus) Armenia
Hesperophanes campestris Apple (Malus) Kazakhstan
Hesperophanes campestris Apple (Malus) Russia (Eur.)
Melanophila guttulata Russia (Eur.)
Melanophila guttulata Russia (W Asia)
Melanophila guttulata Russia (E Asia)
Corymbia succedanea Japan
Corymbia succedanea Korea-North
Corymbia succedanea Korea-South
Corymbia succedanea China (NE)
Corymbia succedanea Pine (Pinus) Russia (E Asia)
Dokhtouroffia baeckmanni Kazakhstan
Dokhtouroffia baeckmanni Kyrgyzstan
Dokhtouroffia baeckmanni Uzbekistan
Monochamus impluviatus Russia (Eur.)
Monochamus impluviatus Japan
Monochamus impluviatus Korea-South
Monochamus impluviatus Mongolia
Monochamus impluviatus Russia (W Asia)
Monochamus impluviatus Russia (E Asia)
Monochamus impluviatus China (NE)
Monochamus impluviatus China (NW)
Tetropium staudingeri Kazakhstan
Tetropium staudingeri Kyrgyzstan
Tetropium staudingeri Uzbekistan
Tetropium staudingeri China (NW)
Turcmenigena varentzovi Haloxylon (crop) Kazakhstan
Turcmenigena varentzovi Haloxylon (crop) Turkmenistan
Turcmenigena varentzovi Haloxylon (crop) Uzbekistan
Polyphylla alba Kazakhstan
Polyphylla alba Russia (Eur.)
Polyphylla alba Ukraine
Polyphylla alba Mongolia
Polyphylla alba Turkmenistan
Polyphylla alba Uzbekistan
Polyphylla alba Russia (W Asia)
Polyphylla alba China (NE)
Polyphylla alba China (NW)
Ips golovjankoi Japan
Ips golovjankoi Korea-North
Ips golovjankoi Russia (W Asia)
Ips golovjankoi Russia (E Asia)
Ips golovjankoi China (NE)
Ips golovjankoi China (NW)
Ips spessivtsevi Spruce (Picea) Kazakhstan
Ips spessivtsevi Spruce (Picea) Kyrgyzstan
Cecidomyia pumila Pine (Pinus) Russia (E Asia)
Cecidomyia pumila Pine (Pinus) China (NE)
Resseliella ingrica Spruce (Picea) Russia (Eur.)
Resseliella ingrica Spruce (Picea) Russia (W Asia)
Adelges lapponicus Spruce (Picea) Belarus
Adelges lapponicus Spruce (Picea) Estonia
Adelges lapponicus Spruce (Picea) Finland
Adelges lapponicus Spruce (Picea) Russia (Eur.)
Adelges lapponicus Spruce (Picea) Kyrgyzstan
Anacanthotermes ahngerianus Kazakhstan
Anacanthotermes ahngerianus Kyrgyzstan
Anacanthotermes ahngerianus Iran
Anacanthotermes ahngerianus Tajikistan
Anacanthotermes ahngerianus Turkmenistan
Anacanthotermes ahngerianus Uzbekistan
Anacanthotermes urkestanicus Iran
Anacanthotermes urkestanicus Tajikistan
Anacanthotermes urkestanicus Turkmenistan
Anacanthotermes urkestanicus Uzbekistan
Coleophora dahurica Mongolia
Coleophora dahurica Larch (Larix) Russia (W Asia)
Coleophora dahurica Larch (Larix) Russia (E Asia)
Erannis jacobsoni Mongolia
Erannis jacobsoni Larch (Larix) Russia (W Asia)
Erannis jacobsoni Larch (Larix) Russia (E Asia)
Phyllonorycter issikii Austria
Phyllonorycter issikii Czech Republic
Phyllonorycter issikii Germany
Phyllonorycter issikii Lithuania
Phyllonorycter issikii Poland
Phyllonorycter issikii Japan
Phyllonorycter issikii Russia (E Asia)
Phyllonorycter issikii Lime tree/linden (Tilia) Russia (Eur.)
Phyllonorycter issikii Lime tree/linden (Tilia) Ukraine
Dasychira albodentata Mongolia
Dasychira albodentata Russia (W Asia)
Dasychira albodentata Russia (E Asia)
Dasychira albodentata China (NE)
Dasychira albodentata China (NW)
Euproctis kargalika Kazakhstan
Euproctis kargalika Kyrgyzstan
Euproctis kargalika Iran
Euproctis kargalika Tajikistan
Euproctis kargalika Turkmenistan
Euproctis kargalika Uzbekistan
Euproctis kargalika Russia (W Asia)
Euproctis kargalika China (NW)
Sphinx morio Kazakhstan
Sphinx morio Japan
Sphinx morio Russia (E Asia)
Sphinx morio Larch (Larix) Russia (W Asia)
Cydia illutana Russia (W Asia)
Cydia illutana Russia (E Asia)