Ips subelongatus

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Ips subelongatus - a-c) infestation on larch in northeastern China, d) monitoring trap, e-g) galleries with larvae, pupae and adults, h) details of spines at the tip of the elytra (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Zheng Wang et al.
Source: IMA Fungus (2020), vol. 11, art. 3, p. 3

Ips subelongatus Motschulsky - (Asian larch bark beetle)

This beetle attacks larch and other conifers in north-eastern Asia, that is Japan, Korea, northern China, Mongolia and far-eastern Russia. Mainly Larix species are attacked, but occasionally also Pinus species. Usually only dying and dead trees are infested. However, when population reach high densities also healthy trees may be attacked, resulting in tree decline and death. It often transmits symbiotic fungi from several genera during such attacks, e.g species of Leptographium or Ophiostoma.