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Species of Spilomelinae (India)
Author: J.M. Garg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Crambidae - (grass moths)

This family of small pyralid-like moths contains more than 10,000 species, including many pests. The larvae are stem borers, root feeders, leaf tiers and leaf miners.

The adults are called grass moths and are often found on grasses where the larvae feed in silken galleries. The moths are characterized by their elongated forewings and the structures of the tympanal organ, maxillary palpi and labial palpi.

For more details see the respective page in Wikipedia.

This page deals with plant pests only. For beneficial species see:
Crambidae (weed bioagents)
Crambidae (predators)

The following genera and individual species are currently entered under Crambidae: