Cordyceps (genus - entomopathogens)

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Cordyceps spp. - C) C. bifusispora, D) C. confragosa, F) C. militaris, H) C. cf. cardinalis (click on image to enlarge it)
Authors: Ryan M. Kepler et al.
Source: IMA Fungus (2017), vol. 8, p. 348

Cordyceps (entomopathogens) Fr. 1818

This genus of entomopathogenic fungi is widely distributed and includes around 15 species. They are well known for their club-shaped sexual fruiting bodies, growing out of the bodies of infected, dead insects.

Many species of Cordyceps have been previously classified under the genus Isaria. However, in a taxonomic revision, Kepler et al. (2017) proposed the "rejection of Isaria in favour of Cordyceps owing to the confusion surrounding the application of Isaria".


Type species: Cordyceps militaris

For a taxonomic review of this genus see Kepler et al. (2017).

Currently, the following species have been entered into the system: