Binucleate Rhizoctonia

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binucleate Rhizoctonia under UV light and stained with Hoechst Dye 33258 to make nuclei visible (arrows)
Authors: Xiangling Fang, Patrick M. Finnegan and Martin J. Barbetti
Source: PLoSONE (2013), art. e55877

binucleate Rhizoctonia

Members of this group have only 2 nuclei per cell, in contrast to multinucleate species (e.g. Rhizoctonia solani) which have 3 or more nuclei per cell. Both, binucleate and multinucleate Rhizoctonia can be divided into anastomosis groups (AG) and hyphae of the same AG have the ability to fuse with each other, promoting genetic recombination. More than 20 AGs have been described for binucleate Rhizoctonia.

Currently, the following AGs have been entered into the system: