Apscaviroid (genus)

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symptoms of Apple scar skin viroid infection on apple fruit (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): H.J. Larsen
Source: IPM Images

Apscaviroid (genus)

This genus contains viroids similar to the Apple scar skin viroid. The members are widely distributed and cause various diseases on fruit trees, grapevine and hop.

Apscaviroids have a circular RNA molecule with 297-370 nucleotides. The genus belongs to the family Pospiviroidae (see the genus Pospiviroid for details) and the viroids have a central conserved region (CCR) in the RNA molecule and lack the ability to self-cleave through hammerhead structures. The genus is defined by the nucleotide sequence in the CCR.

The following species are currently entered into the system: