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Publications of Salah Rezgui (14 listed):

Journal of Plant Pathology (2020) 102, 1085-1095
Rim Bel Hadj Chedli, Sarrah Ben M'Barek, Amir Souissi, Amor Yahyaoui, Salah Rezgui and Hanène Chaabane (2020)
Screening for resistance of Tunisian, Moroccan and Algerian wheat cultivars to Zymoseptoria tritici in northern Tunisia

Insects (2019) 10 (2 - 54)
Ibtissem Ben Fekih, Annette Bruun Jensen, Sonia Boukhris-Bouhachem, Gabor Pozsgai, Salah Rezgui, Christopher Rensing and Jørgen Eilenberg (2019)
Virulence of two entomophthoralean fungi, Pandora neoaphidis and Entomophthora planchoniana, to their conspecific (Sitobion avenae) and heterospecific (Rhopalosiphum padi) aphid hosts

Canadian Journal of Plant Science (2018) 98, 930-946
H. Ben Ghanem, A. Najar, S. Udupa, S.G. Kumari, A. Amri, S. Rezgui, M. El Felah and A.L. Tsivelikas (2018)
Exploiting intra-cultivar variation to select for Barley yellow dwarf virus-PAV (BYDV-PAV) resistance in barley

Canadian Journal of Plant Science (2017) 97, 277-285
A. Najar, H. Ben Ghanem, S. Kumari, H. Sayed, S. Rezgui and M. Baum (2017)
Sélection de lignées d'orge (Hordeum vulgare L.) pour leur résistance au Barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV) et évaluation de leurs performances agronomiques

BioControl (2015) 60, 425-436
Imen Bouhaouel, Aurélie Gfeller, Marie-Laure Fauconnier, Salah Rezgui, Hajer Slim Amara and Patrick du Jardin (2015)
Allelopathic and autotoxicity effects of barley (Hordeum vulgare L. ssp. vulgare) root exudates

Journal of Phytopathology (2014) 162, 442-448
Karima Taher, Sarah Graf, Mohamed Moez Fakhfakh, Halim B.H. Salah, Amor Yahyaoui, Salah Rezgui, Bouzid Nasraoui and Gerd Stammler (2014)
Sensitivity of Zymoseptoria tritici isolates from Tunisia to pyraclostrobin, fluxapyroxad, epoxiconazole, metconazole, prochloraz and tebuconazole

Phytopathologia Mediterranea (2013) 52, 466-471
Sameh Boukef, Amor. Yahyaoui and Salah Rezgui (2013)
Geographical distribution of a specific mitochondrial haplotype of Zymoseptoria tritici

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2012) 132, 111-122
Sameh Boukef, Bruce A. McDonald, Amor Yahyaoui, Salah Rezgui and Patrick C. Brunner (2012)
Frequency of mutations associated with fungicide resistance and population structure of Mycosphaerella graminicola in Tunisia

Crop Science (2011) 51, 2517-2524
M.M. Fakhfakh, A. Yahyaoui, S. Rezgui, E.M. Elias and A. Daaloul (2011)
Inheritances of Fusarium head blight resistance in a cross involving local and exotic durum wheat cultivars

FEMS Microbiology Letters (2010) 305, 35-41
Aida Bouajila, Néjia Zoghlami, Abdelwahed Ghorbel, Salah Rezgui and Amor Yahyaoui (2010)
Pathotype and microsatellite analyses reveal new sources of resistance to barley scald in Tunisia

Journal of Plant Protection Research (2010) 50, 314-319
Ramzi Mansour, Fatma Ezzahra Youssfi, Kaouthar Grissa Lebdi and Salah Rezgui (2010)
Imidacloprid applied through drip irrigation as a new promising alternative to control mealybugs in Tunisian vineyards

Canadian Journal of Plant Science (2008) 88, 257-266
M. Cherif, S. Rezgui, P. Devaux and M. Harrabi (2008)
Genetic analysis of net blotch resistance in a two-row x six-row cross of barley, using doubled-haploid lines

Mycopathologia (2007) 163, 281-294
Aida Bouajila, Mathew M. Abang, Samira Haouas, Sripada Udupa, Salah Rezgui, Michael Baum and Amor Yahyaoui (2007)
Genetic diversity of Rhynchosporium secalis in Tunisia as revealed by pathotype, AFLP, and microsatellite analyses

Journal of Phytopathology (2007) 155, 90-96
M. Cherif, S. Rezgui, P. Devaux and M. Harrabi (2007)
Interaction between Rhynchosporium secalis and Pyrenophora teres in the field and identification of genotypes with double resistance in a doubled-haploid barley population