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Publications of Miguel Angel Miranda (23 listed):

Journal of Applied Entomology (2018) 142, 43-51
B. Shaked, A. Amore, C. Ioannou, F. Valdés, B. Alorda, S. Papanastasiou, E. Goldshtein, C. Shenderey, M. Leza, C. Pontikakos, D. Perdikis, T. Tsiligiridis, M.R. Tabilio, A. Sciarretta, C. Barceló, C. Athanassiou, M.A. Miranda, V. Alchanatis, N. Papadopoulos and D. Nestel (2018)
Electronic traps for detection and population monitoring of adult fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Medical and Veterinary Entomology (2018) 32, 443-450
A. Sanz-Aguilar, R. Rosselló, M. Bengoa, M. Ruiz-Pérez, M. González-Calleja, C. Barceló, D. Borrás, C. Paredes-Esquivel, M.A. Miranda and G. Tavecchia (2018)
Water associated with residential areas and tourist resorts is the key predictor of Asian tiger mosquito presence on a Mediterranean island

Biological Invasions (2018) 20, 1643-1649
Mar Leza, Miguel Angel Miranda and Víctor Colomar (2018)
First detection of Vespa velutina nigrithorax (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) in the Balearic Islands (Western Mediterranean): a challenging study case

Medical and Veterinary Entomology (2018) 32, 216-225
C. Barceló and M.A. Miranda (2018)
Bionomics of livestock-associated Culicoides (biting midge) bluetongue virus vectors under laboratory conditions

Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association (2017) 33, 246-249
Mikel Bengoa, Roger Eritja, Sarah Delacour, Miguel Angel Miranda, Antonio Sureda and Javier Lucientes (2017)
First data on resistance to pyrethroids in wild populations of Aedes albopictus from Spain

Journal of the European Mosquito Control Association (2015) 33, 1-4
Carlos Barceló, Mikel Bengoa, Miriam Monerris, Ricardo Molina, Sarah Delacour-Estrella, Javier Lucientes and Miguel Angel Miranda (2015)
First record of Aedes albopictus (Skuse, 1894) (Diptera; Culicidae) from Ibiza (Balearic Islands; Spain)

Parasites and Vectors (2015) 8 (660) - Delineation of the population ...
Maria G. Onyango, George N. Michuki, Moses Ogugo, Gert J. Venter, Miguel A. Miranda, Nohal Elissa, Appolinaire Djikeng, Steve Kemp, Peter J. Walker and Jean-Bernard Duchemin (2015)
Delineation of the population genetic structure of Culicoides imicola in East and South Africa

Parasites and Vectors (2015) 8 (655) - Review of ten-years presence ...
Francisco Collantes, Sarah Delacour, Pedro María Alarcón-Elbal, Ignacio Ruiz-Arrondo, Juan Antonio Delgado, Antonio Torrell-Sorio, Mikel Bengoa, Roger Eritja, Miguel Ángel Miranda, Ricardo Molina and Javier Lucientes (2015)
Review of ten-years presence of Aedes albopictus in Spain 2004–2014: known distribution and public health concerns

Parasites and Vectors (2015) 8 (439) - How do species, population and ...
Roger Venail, Jonathan Lhoir, Moussa Fall, Ricardo del Río, Sandra Talavera, Karien Labuschagne, Miguel Miranda, Nonito Pagès, Gert Venter, Ignace Rakotoarivony, Xavier Allène, Bethsabée Scheid, Laëtitia Gardès, Geoffrey Gimonneau, Renaud Lancelot, Claire Garros, Catherine Cêtre-Sossah, Thomas Balenghien, Simon Carpenter and Thierry Baldet (2015)
How do species, population and active ingredient influence insecticide susceptibility in Culicoides biting midges (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) of veterinary importance?

Parasites and Vectors (2014) 7 (223) - Towards the PCR-based ...
Claire Garros, Thomas Balenghien, Simon Carpenter, Jean-Claude Delécolle, Rudy Meiswinkel, Aurélie Pédarrieu, Ignace Rakotoarivony, Laetitia Gardès, Nick Golding, James Barber, Miguel Miranda, David Borràs Borràs, Maria Goffredo, Federica Monaco, Nonito Pagès, Soufien Sghaier, Salah Hammami, Jorge H Calvo, Javier Lucientes, Dirk Geysen, Gill De Deken, Victor Sarto i Monteys, Jan Schwenkenbecher, Helge Kampen, Bernd Hoffmann, Kathrin Lehmann, Doreen Werner, Thierry Baldet, Renaud Lancelot and Catherine Cêtre-Sossah (2014)
Towards the PCR-based identification of Palaearctic Culicoides biting midges (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae): results from an international ring trial targeting four species of the subgenus Avaritia

Medical and Veterinary Entomology (2014) 28, 414-420
R. Del Río, C. Barceló, C. Paredes-Esquivel, J. Lucientes and M.A. Miranda (2014)
Susceptibility of Culicoides species biting midges to deltamethrin-treated nets as determined under laboratory and field conditions in the Balearic Islands, Spain

Bulletin of Entomological Research (2012) 102, 692-697
J.H. Calvo, B. Berzal, C. Calvete, M.A. Miranda, R. Estrada and J. Lucientes (2012)
Host feeding patterns of Culicoides species (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) within the Picos de Europa National Park in northern Spain

Medical and Veterinary Entomology (2012) 26, 162-167
R. Del Rio López, M.A. Miranda, C. Paredes-Esquivel, J. Lucientes, C. Calvete, R. Estrada and G.J. Venter (2012)
Recovery rates of bluetongue virus serotypes 1, 2, 4 and 8 Spanish strains from orally infected Culicoides imicola in South Africa

Medical and Veterinary Entomology (2011) 25, 320-326
G.J. Venter, I.M. Wright, R. Del Rio, J. Lucientes and M.A. Miranda (2011)
The susceptibility of Culicoides imicola and other South African livestock-associated Culicoides species to infection with bluetongue virus serotype 8

Medical and Veterinary Entomology (2010) 24, 169-175
C. Calvete, R. Estrada, M.A. Miranda, R. Del Rio, D. Borrás, F.J. Beldron, A. Martínez, A.J. Calvo and J. Lucientes (2010)
Protection of livestock against bluetongue virus vector Culicoides imicola using insecticide-treated netting in open areas

Bulletin of Entomological Research (2009) 99, 583-591
J.H. Calvo, C. Calvete, A. Martinez-Royo, R. Estrada, M.A. Miranda, D. Borras, V. Sarto I. Monteys, N. Pages, J.A. Delgado, F. Collantes and J. Lucientes (2009)
Variations in the mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit I gene indicate northward expanding populations of Culicoides imicola in Spain

Medical and Veterinary Entomology (2009) 23, 202-208
C. Calvete, R. Estrada, M.A. Miranda, R. Del Rio, D. Borrás, F.J. Beldron, A. Martínez, A.J. Calvo and J. Lucientes (2009)
Entry of bluetongue vector Culicoides imicola into livestock premises in Spain

Journal of Applied Entomology (2008) 132, 798-805
M.A. Miranda, M. Miquel, J. Terrassa, N. Melis and M. Monerris (2008)
Parasitism of Bactrocera oleae (Diptera; Tephritidae) by Psyttalia concolor (Hymenoptera; Braconidae) in the Balearic Islands (Spain)

Medical and Veterinary Entomology (2008) 22, 124-134
C. Calvete, R. Estrada, M.A. Miranda, D. Borrás, J.H. Calvo and J. Lucientes (2008)
Modelling the distributions and spatial coincidence of bluetongue vectors Culicoides imicola and the Culicoides obsoletus group throughout the Iberian peninsula

Phytoparasitica (2008) 36, 247-248
M.A. Miranda, J. Terrassa and M. Miquel (2008)
Capparimyia savastani (Martelli, 1911): A new record of Tephritidae of economic significance for Spain

Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research (2006) 4, 161-166
A. Alemany, M.A. Miranda, R. Alonso and C. Martín Escorza (2006)
Changes in the spatial and temporal population density of the Mediterranean fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) in a citrus orchard

Medical and Veterinary Entomology (2003) 17, 52-54
M.A. Miranda, D. Borràs, C. Rincón and A. Alemany (2003)
Presence in the Balearic Islands (Spain) of the midges Culicoides imicola and Culicoides obsoletus group

Journal of Applied Entomology - Zeitschrift für angewandte Entomologie (2001) 125, 333-339
M.A. Miranda, R. Alonso and A. Alemany (2001)
Field evaluation of Medfly (Dipt., Tephritidae) female attractants in a Mediterranean agrosystem (Balearic Islands, Spain)