Journal of Pest Science (2007) 80 (2)

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Articles of Journal of Pest Science entered for 2007 and volume (issue): 80 (2)

Journal of Pest Science (2007) 80, 71-77
Mostafa Haghani, Yaghoub Fathipour, Ali Asghar Talebi and Valiollah Baniameri (2007)
Temperature-dependent development of Diglyphus isaea (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) on Liriomyza sativae (Diptera: Agromyzidae) on cucumber

Journal of Pest Science (2007) 80, 79-83
Cem Ozkan (2007)
Effect of food, light and host instar on the egg load of the synovigenic endoparasitoid Venturia canescens (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae)

Journal of Pest Science (2007) 80, 85-92
F. Al-Zyoud, C. Sengonca and S. Al-Abbadi (2007)
Evaluation of Serangium parcesetosum (Col.: Coccinellidae) for biological control of Bemisia tabaci under greenhouse conditions

Journal of Pest Science (2007) 80, 93-97
Kamil Karut (2007)
Host instar suitability of Bemisia tabaci (Genn.) (Hom.: Aleyrodidae) for the parasitoid Eretmocerus mundus (Hym.: Aphelinidae)

Journal of Pest Science (2007) 80, 99-107
Jacek Hilszczanski, Heloise Gibb and Cezary Bystrowski (2007)
Insect natural enemies of Ips typographus (L.) (Coleoptera, Scolytinae) in managed and unmanaged stands of mixed lowland forest in Poland

Journal of Pest Science (2007) 80, 109-117
L.L. Stelinski, J.R. Miller, R. Ledebuhr, P. Siegert and L.J. Gut (2007)
Season-long mating disruption of Grapholita molesta (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) by one machine application of pheromone in wax drops (SPLAT-OFM)

Journal of Pest Science (2007) 80, 119-123
Shui-Qing Li, Yu-Ling Fang and Zhong-Ning Zhang (2007)
Effects of volatiles of non-host plants and other chemicals on oviposition of Monochamus alternatus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)

Journal of Pest Science (2007) 80, 125-130
Belén Lumbierres, Petr Starý and Xavier Pons (2007)
Seasonal parasitism of cereal aphids in a Mediterranean arable crop system