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Publications of Ioannis Stergiopoulos (14 listed):

Molecular Plant Pathology (2018) 19, 1491-1503
Caucasella Diaz-Trujillo, Pablo Chong, Ioannis Stergiopoulos, Viviane Cordovez, Mauricio Guzman, Pierre J.G.M. De Wit, Harold J.G. Meijer, Gabriel Scalliet, Helge Sierotzki, Esther Lilia Peralta, Rafael E. Arango Isaza and Gerrit H.J. Kema (2018)
A new mechanism for reduced sensitivity to demethylation-inhibitor fungicides in the fungal banana black Sigatoka pathogen Pseudocercospora fijiensis

Annual Review of Phytopathology (2016) 54, 419-441
Tania Y. Toruño, Ioannis Stergiopoulos and Gitta Coaker (2016)
Plant-pathogen effectors: Cellular probes interfering with plant defenses in spatial and temporal manners

Plant Disease (2016) 100, p. 1497 (Salvucci et al.)
A. Salvucci, B.J. Aegerter, E.M. Miyao and I. Stergiopoulos (2016)
First report of powdery mildew caused by Oidium lycopersici in field-grown tomatoes in California

PLoS Genetics (2016) 12 (8 - e1005876)
Rafael E. Arango Isaza, Caucasella Diaz-Trujillo, Braham Dhillon, Andrea Aerts, Jean Carlier, Charles F. Crane, Tristan V. de Jong, Ineke de Vries, Robert Dietrich, Andrew D. Farmer, Claudia Fortes Fereira, Suzana Garcia, Mauricio Guzman, Richard C. Hamelin, Erika A. Lindquist, Rahim Mehrabi, Olman Quiros, Jeremy Schmutz, Harris Shapiro, Elizabeth Reynolds, Gabriel Scalliet, Manoel Souza Jr, Ioannis Stergiopoulos, Theo A.J. van der Lee, Pierre J.G.M. De Wit, Marie-Françoise Zapater, Lute-Harm Zwiers, Igor V. Grigoriev, Stephen B. Goodwin and Gert H.J. Kema (2016)
Combating a global threat to a clonal crop: Banana black Sigatoka pathogen Pseudocercospora fijiensis (synonym Mycosphaerella fijiensis) genomes reveal clues for disease control

Molecular Plant Pathology (2016) 17, 84-95
Carl H. Mesarich, Ioannis Stergiopoulos, Henriek G. Beenen, Viviane Cordovez, Yanan Guo, Mansoor Karimi Jashni, Rosie E. Bradshaw and Pierre J.G.M. de Wit (2016)
A conserved proline residue in Dothideomycete Avr4 effector proteins is required to trigger a Cf-4-dependent hypersensitive response

PLoS Genetics (2016) 12 (8 - e1005904)
Ti-Cheng Chang, Anthony Salvucci, Pedro W. Crous and Ioannis Stergiopoulos (2016)
Comparative genomics of the Sigatoka disease complex on banana suggests a link between parallel evolutionary changes in Pseudocercospora fijiensis and Pseudocercospora eumusae and increased virulence on the banana host

Molecular Plant Pathology (2014) 15, 447-460
Ioannis Stergiopoulos, Viviane Cordovez, Bilal Ökmen, Henriek G. Beenen, Gert H.J. Kema and Pierre J.G.M. de Wit (2014)
Positive selection and intragenic recombination contribute to high allelic diversity in effector genes of Mycosphaerella fijiensis, causal agent of the black leaf streak disease of banana

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2010) 107, 7610-7615
Ioannis Stergiopoulos, Harrold A. van den Burg, Bilal Ökmen, Henriek G. Beenen, Sabine van Liere, Gert H.J. Kema and Pierre J.G.M. de Wit (2010)
Tomato Cf resistance proteins mediate recognition of cognate homologous effectors from fungi pathogenic on dicots and monocots

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2007) 20, 1271-1283
Ioannis Stergiopoulos, Maarten J.D. De Kock, Pim Lindhout and Pierre J.G.M. De Wit (2007)
Allelic variation in the effector genes of the tomato pathogen Cladosporium fulvum reveals different modes of adaptive evolution

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2007) 20, 1092-1101
H. Peter van Esse, Melvin D. Bolton, Ioannis Stergiopoulos, Pierre J.G.M. de Wit and Bart P.H.J. Thomma (2007)
The chitin-binding Cladosporium fulvum effector protein Avr4 is a virulence factor

Pest Management Science (2006) 62, 195-207
Maarten A. de Waard, Alan C. Andrade, Keisuke Hayashi, Henk-Jan Schoonbeek, Ioannis Stergiopoulos and Lute-Harm Zwiers (2006)
Impact of fungal drug transporters on fungicide sensitivity, multidrug resistance and virulence

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2003) 16, 689-698
Ioannis Stergiopoulos, Lute-Harm Zwiers and Maarten A. De Waard (2003)
The ABC transporter MgAtr4 is a virulence factor of Mycosphaerella graminicola that affects colonization of substomatal cavities in wheat leaves

Pest Management Science (2003) 59, 1333-1343
Ioannis Stergiopoulos, Johannes G.M. van Nistelrooy, Gert H.J. Kema and A. De Waard Maarten (2003)
Multiple mechanisms account for variation in base-line sensitivity to azole fungicides in field isolates of Mycosphaerella graminicola

Journal of Phytopathology - Phytopathologische Zeitschrift (2002) 150, 313-320
I. Stergiopoulos and M.A. De Waard (2002)
Activity of azole fungicides and ABC transporter modulators on Mycosphaerella graminicola