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Publications of Glynn Tillman (25 listed):

Journal of Insect Science (2019) 19 (1 - 24)
P. Glynn Tillman and Ted E. Cottrell (2019)
Influence of pheromone-baited traps on stink bugs in cotton

Journal of Hymenoptera Research (2019) 74, 123-151
Giuseppino Sabbatini Peverieri, Mircea-Dan Mitroiu, Marie-Claude Bon, Rammohan Balusu, Luca Benvenuto, Iris Bernardinelli, Henry Fadamiro, Martina Falagiarda, Lucian Fusu, Emily Grove, Tim Haye, Kim Hoelmer, Emily Lemke, Giorgio Malossini, Leonardo Marianelli, Matthew R. Moore, Alberto Pozzebon, Pio-Federico Roversi, Davide Scaccini, Paula Shrewsbury, Glynn Tillman, Paola Tirello, Rebeccah Waterworth and Elijah J. Talamas (2019)
Surveys of stink bug egg parasitism in Asia, Europe and North America, morphological taxonomy, and molecular analysis reveal the Holarctic distribution of Acroclisoides sinicus (Huang and Liao) (Hymenoptera, Pteromalidae)

Insects (2017) 8 (3 - 65)
Glynn Tillman (2017)
Ecosystem-based incorporation of nectar-producing plants for stink bug parasitoids

Florida Entomologist (2016) 99, 300-302
Glynn Tillman, Julia Gaskin, Dinku Endale, Carroll Johnson and Harry Schomberg (2016)
Parasitism of Megacopta cribraria (Hemiptera: Plataspidae) by Paratelenomus saccharalis (Hymenoptera: Platygastridae) in organic soybean plots in Georgia, USA

Florida Entomologist (2016) 99, 678-682
P. Glynn Tillman and Ted E. Cottrell (2016)
Attraction of stink bug (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) nymphs to Euschistus aggregation pheromone in the field

Journal of Insect Science (2016) 16 (108), 1-14
P. Glynn Tillman and Ted E. Cottrell (2016)
Density and egg parasitism of stink bugs (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) in elderberry and dispersal into crops

Florida Entomologist (2016) 99, 286-291
P. Glynn Tillman (2016)
Diversity of stink bug (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) egg parasitoids in woodland and crop habitats in Southwest Georgia, USA

Journal of Insect Science (2015) 15 (iev081), 1-11
P. Glynn Tillman and Ted E. Cottrell (2015)
Spatiotemporal distribution of Chinavia hilaris (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) in peanut-cotton farmscapes

Florida Entomologist (2015) 98, 989-990
P. Glynn Tillman (2015)
First record of Sesbania punicea (Fabales: Fabaceae) as a host plant for Chinavia hilaris (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae)

Journal of Economic Entomology (2015) 108, 2324-2334
P.G. Tillman, A. Khrimian, T.E. Cottrell, X. Lou, R.F. Mizell III and C.J. Johnson (2015)
Trap cropping systems and a physical barrier for suppression of stink bugs (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) in cotton

Florida Entomologist (2015) 98, 1114-1126
P. Glynn Tillman, Matthew H. Greenstone and Jing S. Hu (2015)
Predation of stink bugs (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) by a complex of predators in cotton and adjoining soybean habitats in Georgia, USA

Environmental Entomology (2014) 43, 370-376
P.G. Tillman and J.E. Carpenter (2014)
Milkweed (Gentianales: Apocynaceae): A Farmscape resource for increasing parasitism of stink bugs (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) and providing nectar to insect pollinators and monarch butterflies

Journal of Pest Science (2014) 87, 419-427
P. Glynn Tillman (2014)
Physical barriers for suppression of movement of adult stink bugs into cotton

Journal of Entomological Science (2013) 48, 9-16
P. Glynn Tillman (2013)
Stink bugs (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae), a leaffooted bug (Hemiptera: Coreidae), and their predators in sorghum in Georgia

Environmental Entomology (2013) 42, 438-444
P.G. Tillman (2013)
Likelihood of stink bugs colonizing crops: A case study in southeastern farmscapes

Journal of Entomological Science (2013) 48, 1-8
P. Glynn Tillman (2013)
Stink bugs (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) and their natural enemies in alfalfa in South Georgia

Environmental Entomology (2011) 40, 303-314
P.G. Tillman (2011)
Natural biological control of stink bug (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) eggs in corn, peanut, and cotton farmscapes in Georgia

Environmental Entomology (2011) 40, 1159-1176
P.G. Tillman (2011)
Influence of corn on stink bugs (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) in subsequent crops

Environmental Entomology (2010) 39, 1184-1194
P.G. Tillman (2010)
Parasitism and predation of stink bug (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) eggs in Georgia corn fields

Environmental Entomology (2010) 39, 1765-1774
P. Glynn Tillman (2010)
Composition and abundance of stink bugs (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) in corn

Environmental Entomology (2010) 39, 610-617
P.G. Tillman, J.R. Aldrich, A. Khrimian and T.E. Cottrell (2010)
Pheromone attraction and cross-attraction of Nezara, Acrosternum, and Euschistus spp. stink bugs (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) in the field

Journal of Entomological Science (2009) 44, 11-23
G. Tillman, M. Lamb and B. Mullinix Jr. (2009)
Pest insects and natural enemies in transitional organic cotton in Georgia

Environmental Entomology (2009) 38, 1038-1052
P.G. Tillman, T.D. Northfield, R.F. Mizell and T.C. Riddle (2009)
Spatiotemporal patterns and dispersal of stink bugs (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) in peanut-cotton farmscapes

Journal of Entomological Science (2008) 43, 191-207
G. Tillman (2008)
Populations of stink bugs (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) and their natural enemies in peanuts

Journal of Economic Entomology (2004) 97, 1217-1232
Glynn Tillman, Harry Schomberg, Sharad Phatak, Benjamin Mullinix, Sharon Lachnicht, Patricia Timper and Dawn Olson (2004)
Influence of cover crops on insect pests and predators in conservation tillage cotton