Chinavia hilaris

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Chinavia hilaris (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Susan Ellis
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Chinavia hilaris (Say, 1831) - (green stink bug)

This bug is a pest of various crops in North America, including cotton, soybean and fruit trees. It causes direct damage by feeding, e.g. on cotton bolls or on the developing fruits in orchards. It also transmits plant diseases. There are one to two generations per year, depending on the environment. Overwintering might take place in orchards with adults becoming active in the spring. Eggs are laid in batches of around 15 eggs, usually on the underside of the leaves. One generation with 5 nymphal stages can be completed in less than 6 weeks.

The adult bug has a length of about 12–20 mm and is green with yellow margins around the outer edge. Several antennal segments have black bands, which can be used to distinguish C. hilaris from Nezara viridula. The young instars are black and white with the thorax and head mostly red. The colour of older instars is typically green and black with some red marks.

Acrosternum hilare