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Publications of Gerben J. Messelink (19 listed):

BioControl (2021) 66, 511-522
Fatemeh Pirayeshfar, Seyed Ali Safavi, Hamid Reza Sarraf Moayeri and Gerben J. Messelink (2021)
Provision of astigmatid mites as supplementary food increases the density of the predatory mite Amblyseius swirskii in greenhouse crops, but does not support the omnivorous pest, western flower thrips

Biocontrol Science and Technology (2020) 30, 403-417
Fatemeh Pirayeshfar, Seyed Ali Safavi, Hamid Reza Sarraf Moayeri and Gerben J. Messelink (2020)
The potential of highly nutritious frozen stages of Tyrophagus putrescentiae as a supplemental food source for the predatory mite Amblyseius swirskii

Insect Science (2020) 27, 510-518
Ada Leman, Barbara L. Ingegno, Luciana Tavella, Arne Janssen and Gerben J. Messelink (2020)
The omnivorous predator Macrolophus pygmaeus , a good candidate for the control of both greenhouse whitefly and poinsettia thrips on gerbera plants

Biocontrol Science and Technology (2019) 29, 131-148
C. Bresch, L. Carlesso, R. Suay, L. Van Oudenhove, S. Touzeau, H. Fatnassi, L. Ottenwaelder, B. Paris, C. Poncet, L. Mailleret, G.J. Messelink and P. Parolin (2019)
In search of artificial domatia for predatory mites

Journal of Pest Science (2019) 92, 737-745
Nina Xiaoning Zhang, Daan van Wieringen, Gerben J. Messelink and Arne Janssen (2019)
Herbivores avoid host plants previously exposed to their omnivorous predator Macrolophus pygmaeus

Oecologia (2018) 186, 101-113
Nina Xiaoning Zhang, Gerben J. Messelink, Juan M. Alba, Robert.C. Schuurink, Merijn R. Kant and Arne Janssen (2018)
Phytophagy of omnivorous predator Macrolophus pygmaeus affects performance of herbivores through induced plant defences

Experimental and Applied Acarology (2017) 73, 209-221
Somayyeh Ghasemzadeh, Ada Leman and Gerben J. Messelink (2017)
Biological control of Echinothrips americanus by phytoseiid predatory mites and the effect of pollen as supplemental food

Pest Management Science (2017) 73, 1780-1788
Maria L. Pappas, Colette Broekgaarden, George D. Broufas, Merijn R. Kant, Gerben J. Messelink, Anke Steppuhn, Felix Wäckers and Nicole M. van Dam (2017)
Induced plant defences in biological control of arthropod pests: a double-edged sword

Journal of Applied Entomology (2017) 141, 402-410
M. Rocca and G.J. Messelink (2017)
Combining lacewings and parasitoids for biological control of foxglove aphids in sweet pepper

BioControl (2016) 61, 555-565
Gerben J. Messelink, Roland Vijverberg, Ada Leman and Arne Janssen (2016)
Biological control of mealybugs with lacewing larvae is affected by the presence and type of supplemental prey

Journal of Pest Science (2016) 89, 295-311
Francisco Gonzalez, Cezary Tkaczuk, Mihaela Monica Dinu, Zaneta Fiedler, Stefan Vidal, Einat ZchoriFein and Gerben J. Messelink (2016)
New opportunities for the integration of microorganisms into biological pest control systems in greenhouse crops

Experimental and Applied Acarology (2015) 65, 511-524
Ada Leman and Gerben J. Messelink (2015)
Supplemental food that supports both predator and pest: A risk for biological control?

Journal of Applied Entomology (2015) 139, 333-341
G.J. Messelink, C.M.J. Bloemhard, H. Hoogerbrugge, J. van Schelt, B.L. Ingegno and L. Tavella (2015)
Evaluation of mirid predatory bugs and release strategy for aphid control in sweet pepper

BioControl (2014) 59, 377-393
Gerben J. Messelink, Jude Bennison, Oscar Alomar, Barbara L. Ingegno, Luciana Tavella, Les Shipp, Eric Palevsky and Felix L. Wäckers (2014)
Approaches to conserving natural enemy populations in greenhouse crops: current methods and future prospects

Pest Management Science (2014) 70, 1769-1779
Anaïs Chailleux, Emily K. Mohl, Mickaël Teixeira Alves, Gerben J. Messelink and Nicolas Desneux (2014)
Natural enemy-mediated indirect interactions among prey species: potential for enhancing biocontrol services in agroecosystems

BioControl (2013) 58, 45-55
Gerben J. Messelink, Chantal M.J. Bloemhard, Maurice W. Sabelis and Arne Janssen (2013)
Biological control of aphids in the presence of thrips and their enemies

Ecological Entomology (2012) 37, 529-535
Roos Van Maanen, Gerben J. Messelink, Renata Van Holstein-Saj, Maurice W. Sabelis and Arne Janssen (2012)
Prey temporarily escape from predation in the presence of a second prey species

BioControl (2010) 55, 387-398
Gerben J. Messelink, Roos Van Maanen, Renata Van Holstein-Saj, Maurice W. Sabelis and Arne Janssen (2010)
Pest species diversity enhances control of spider mites and whiteflies by a generalist phytoseiid predator

BioControl (2006) 51, 753-768
Gerben J. Messelink, Sebastiaan E.F. Van Steenpaal and Pierre M.J. Ramakers (2006)
Evaluation of phytoseiid predators for control of western flower thrips on greenhouse cucumber