Macrolophus pygmaeus (predator)

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Macrolophus brevicornis - syn. for Macrolophus pygmaeus
Author: Ilona Loser
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Macrolophus pygmaeus (predator) (Rambur, 1839)

This mirid is native to the Mediterranean region and a polyphagous, commercially produced predator. It is used mainly in greenhouses against whiteflies and also preys on aphids, mites, thrips and the eggs of some lepidopteran pests.

It can survive without insect prey and completes its life cycle feeding on pollen and plants only. Damage to crops is rarely a problem and may not be noticeable unless the bugs reach high numbers on the plants.

M. pygmaeus is very similar to Macrolophus melanotoma and both species can be easily confused.

Macrolophus brevicornis