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Publications of Nicole M. van Dam (40 listed):

Journal of Chemical Ecology (2020) 46, 1082-1089
Mirka Macel, Isabella G.S. Visschers, Janny L. Peters, Nicole M. van Dam and Rob M. de Graaf (2020)
High concentrations of very long chain leaf wax alkanes of thrips susceptible pepper accessions (Capsicum spp)

Journal of Chemical Ecology (2019) 45, 490-501
Mirka Macel, Isabella G.S. Visschers, Janny L. Peters, Iris F. Kappers, Ric C.H. de Vos and Nicole M. van Dam (2019)
Metabolomics of thrips resistance in pepper (Capsicum spp.) reveals monomer and dimer acyclic diterpene glycosides as potential chemical defenses

Journal of Chemical Ecology (2019) 45, 638-648
Christelle A.M. Robert, Loïc Pellissier, Xoaquín Moreira, Emmanuel Defossez, Marc Pfander, Anouk Guyer, Nicole M. van Dam and Sergio Rasmann (2019)
Correlated induction of phytohormones and glucosinolates shapes insect herbivore resistance of cardamine species along elevational gradients

Journal of Applied Entomology (2019) 143, 929-941
Isabella G.S. Visschers, Janny L. Peters, Lisa L.H. Timmermans, Else Edwards, Jedeliza B. Ferrater, Conrado H. Balatero, Mongkol Stratongjun, Petra M. Bleeker, Zeger van Herwijnen, Grit A. Glawe, Jan Bruin, Nicole M. van Dam and Mirka Macel (2019)
Resistance to three thrips species in Capsicum spp. depends on site conditions and geographic regions

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2018) 166, 508-515
Isabella G.S. Visschers, Nicole M. van Dam and Janny L. Peters (2018)
An objective high-throughput screening method for thrips damage quantitation using Ilastik and ImageJ

Oecologia (2018) 187, 495-506
Onno W. Calf, Heidrun Huber, Janny L. Peters, Alexander Weinhold and Nicole M. van Dam (2018)
Glycoalkaloid composition explains variation in slug resistance in Solanum dulcamara

Pest Management Science (2017) 73, 1780-1788
Maria L. Pappas, Colette Broekgaarden, George D. Broufas, Merijn R. Kant, Gerben J. Messelink, Anke Steppuhn, Felix Wäckers and Nicole M. van Dam (2017)
Induced plant defences in biological control of arthropod pests: a double-edged sword

Environmental Microbiology (2016) 18, 1379-1390
Cornelia U. Welte, Rob M. de Graaf, Tijs J.M. van den Bosch, Huub J.M. Op den Camp, Nicole M. van Dam and Mike S.M. Jetten (2016)
Plasmids from the gut microbiome of cabbage root fly larvae encode SaxA that catalyses the conversion of the plant toxin 2-phenylethyl isothiocyanate

Journal of Chemical Ecology (2015) 41, 330-339
Alan Kergunteuil, Sébastien Dugravot, Holger Danner, Nicole M. van Dam and Anne Marie Cortesero (2015)
Characterizing volatiles and attractiveness of five brassicaceous plants with potential for a 'push-pull' strategy toward the cabbage root fly, Delia radicum

Journal of Chemical Ecology (2015) 41, 631-640
Holger Danner, Phil Brown, Eric A. Cator, Frans J.M. Harren, Nicole M. van Dam and Simona M. Cristescu (2015)
Aboveground and belowground herbivores synergistically induce volatile organic sulfur compound emissions from shoots but not from roots

Ecology and Evolution (2014) 4, 2777-2786
Mirka Macel, Ric C.H. de Vos, Jeroen J. Jansen, Wim H. van der Putten and Nicole M. van Dam (2014)
Novel chemistry of invasive plants: exotic species have more unique metabolomic profiles than native congeners

Pest Management Science (2014) 70, 1604-1610
Shao-Jian Li, Su-Li Ren, Xia Xue, Shun-Xiang Ren, Andrew G.S. Cuthbertson, Nicole M. van Dam and Bao-Li Qiu (2014)
Efficiency of plant induced volatiles in attracting Encarsia formosa and Serangium japonicum, two dominant natural enemies of whitefly Bemisia tabaci in China

Journal of Chemical Ecology (2013) 39, 1193-1203
W.H. Gera Hol, Wietse De Boer, Aad J. Termorshuizen, Katrin M. Meyer, Johannes H.M. Schneider, Wim H. Van Der Putten and Nicole M. Van Dam (2013)
Heterodera schachtii nematodes interfere with aphid-plant relations on Brassica oleracea

Chemoecology (2013) 23, 71-82
Vartika Mathur, Tom O.G. Tytgat, Rob M. de Graaf, Vinay Kalia, A. Sankara Reddy, Louise E.M. Vet and Nicole M. van Dam (2013)
Dealing with double trouble: consequences of single and double herbivory in Brassica juncea

Biological Invasions (2013) 15, 2387-2401
Taiadjana M. Fortuna, Jozef B. Woelke, Cornelis A. Hordijk, Jeroen J. Jansen, Nicole M. van Dam, Louise E.M. Vet and Jeffrey A. Harvey (2013)
A tritrophic approach to the preference-performance hypothesis involving an exotic and a native plant

Ecology Letters (2013) 16, 1348-1355
Luisa Amo, Jeroen J. Jansen, Nicole M. van Dam, Marcel Dicke and Marcel E. Visser (2013)
Birds exploit herbivore-induced plant volatiles to locate herbivorous prey

Journal of Chemical Ecology (2012) 38, 785-794
Holger Danner, Devasena Samudrala, Simona M. Cristescu and Nicole M. Van Dam (2012)
Tracing hidden herbivores: time-resolved non-invasive analysis of belowground volatiles by proton-transfer-reaction mass spectrometry (PTR-MS)

Oecologia (2012) 170, 433-444
Tamara van Molken, Hannie de Caluwe, Cornelis A. Hordijk, Antonio Leon-Reyes, Tjeerd A.L. Snoeren, Nicole M. van Dam and Josef F. Stuefer (2012)
Virus infection decreases the attractiveness of white clover plants for a non-vectoring herbivore

BioControl (2012) 57, 387-395
Bao-Li Qiu, Nicole M. van Dam, Jeffrey A. Harvey and Louise E.M. Vet (2012)
Root and shoot jasmonic acid induction differently affects the foraging behavior of Cotesia glomerata under semi-field conditions

Oecologia (2011) 166, 421-431
Jeffrey A. Harvey, Nicole M. van Dam, Ciska E. Raaijmakers, James M. Bullock and Rieta Gols (2011)
Tri-trophic effects of inter- and intra-population variation in defence chemistry of wild cabbage (Brassica oleracea)

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2011) 139, 197-206
P. Kabouw, M. Kos, S. Kleine, E.A. Vockenhuber, J.J.A. van Loon, W.H. van der Putten, N.M. van Dam and A. Biere (2011)
Effects of soil organisms on aboveground multitrophic interactions are consistent between plant genotypes mediating the interaction

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2011) 139, 215-225
Vartika Mathur, Satish Ganta, Ciska E. Raaijmakers, A. Sankara Reddy, Louise E.M. Vet and Nicole M. van Dam (2011)
Temporal dynamics of herbivore-induced responses in Brassica juncea and their effect on generalist and specialist herbivores

Ecological Entomology (2011) 36, 326-334
Prisca S. Pierre, Sebastien Dugravot, Antonin Ferry, Roxina Soler, Nicole M. Van Dam and Anne-Marie Cortesero (2011)
Aboveground herbivory affects indirect defences of brassicaceous plants against the root feeder Delia radicum Linnaeus: laboratory and field evidence

Ecological Entomology (2010) 35, 240-247
Erik H. Poelman, Joop J.A. Van Loon, Nicole M. Van Dam, Louise E.M. Vet and Marcel Dicke (2010)
Herbivore-induced plant responses in Brassica oleracea prevail over effects of constitutive resistance and result in enhanced herbivore attack

Oikos (2009) 118, 733-742
Rieta Gols, Nicole M. van Dam, Ciska E. Raaijmakers, Marcel Dicke and Jeffrey A. Harvey (2009)
Are population differences in plant quality reflected in the preference and performance of two endoparasitoid wasps?

Journal of Chemical Ecology (2008) 34, 1360-1367
Susanne Wurst, Nicole M. Van Dam, Fernando Monroy, Arjen Biere and Wim H. Van der Putten (2008)
Intraspecific variation in plant defense alters effects of root herbivores on leaf chemistry and aboveground herbivore damage

Chemoecology (2008) 18, 65-71
A. Mosleh Arany, T.J. de Jong, H.K. Kim, N.M. van Dam, Y.H. Choi, R. Verpoorte and E. van der Meijden (2008)
Glucosinolates and other metabolites in the leaves of Arabidopsis thaliana from natural populations and their effects on a generalist and a specialist herbivore

Journal of Chemical Ecology (2008) 34, 132-143
Rieta Gols, Tibor Bukovinszky, Nicole M. van Dam, Marcel Dicke, James M. Bullock and Jeffrey A. Harvey (2008)
Performance of generalist and specialist herbivores and their endoparasitoids differs on cultivated and wild Brassica populations

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2008) 127, 218-228
Erik H. Poelman, Ron J.F.H. Galiart, Ciska E. Raaijmakers, Joop J.A. van Loon and Nicole M. van Dam (2008)
Performance of specialist and generalist herbivores feeding on cabbage cultivars is not explained by glucosinolate profiles

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2008) 128, 312-322
Hanneke van Leur, Ciska E. Raaijmakers and Nicole M. van Dam (2008)
Reciprocal interactions between the cabbage root fly (Delia radicum) and two glucosinolate phenotypes of Barbarea vulgaris

Ecological Entomology (2007) 32, 15-23
Jeffrey A. Harvey, Nicole M. Van Dam, Leontien M.A. Witjes, Roxina Soler and Rieta Gols (2007)
Effects of dietary nicotine on the development of an insect herbivore, its parasitoid and secondary hyperparasitoid over four trophic levels

Journal of Chemical Ecology (2007) 33, 655-668
Maaike Bruinsma, Nicole M. Van Dam, Joop J.A. Van Loon and Marcel Dicke (2007)
Jasmonic acid-induced changes in Brassica oleracea affect oviposition preference of two specialist herbivores

Chemoecology (2006) 16, 17-24
Nicole M. van Dam and Ciska E. Raaijmakers (2006)
Local and systemic induced responses to cabbage root fly larvae (Delia radicum) in Brassica nigra and B. oleracea

Ecology Letters (2005) 8, 652-661
T.M. Bezemer, G.B. De Deyn, T.M. Bossinga, N.M. van Dam, J.A. Harvey and W.H. Van der Putten (2005)
Soil community composition drives aboveground plant-herbivore-parasitoid interactions

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2005) 115, 161-170
Nicole M. van Dam, Ciska E. Raaijmakers and Wim H. van der Putten (2005)
Root herbivory reduces growth and survival of the shoot feeding specialist Pieris rapae on Brassica nigra

Journal of Chemical Ecology (2004) 30, 53-67
T.M. Bezemer, R. Wagenaar, N.M. van Dam, W.H. van Der Putten and F.L. Wäckers (2004)
Above- and below-ground terpenoid aldehyde induction in cotton, Gossypium herbaceum, following root and leaf injury

Ecological Entomology (2001) 26, 578-586
Nicole M. van Dam, Uta Hermenau and Ian T. Baldwin (2001)
Instar-specific sensitivity of specialist Manduca sexta larvae to induced defences in their host plant Nicotiana attenuata

Oecologia (2000) 122, 371-379
N.M. van Dam, K. Hadwich and I.T. Baldwin (2000)
Induced responses in Nicotiana attenuata affect behavior and growth of the specialist herbivore Manduca sexta

Journal of Chemical Ecology (1998) 24, 1529-1549
N.M. van Dam and J.D. Hare (1998)
Biological activity of Datura wrightii glandular trichome exudate against Manduca sexta larvae

Journal of Chemical Ecology (1995) 21, 507-523
Nicole M. van Dam, Lucienne W.M. Vuister, Cora Bergshoeff, Helene de Vos and E.D. van Der Meijden (1995)
The 'Raison D'être' of pyrrolizidine alkaloids in Cynoglossum officinale: Deterrent effects against generalist herbivores