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Publications of Gavin C. Hunter (14 listed):

New Phytologist (2020) 228, 1431-1439
Donald M. Gardiner, Anca Rusu, Luke Barrett, Gavin C. Hunter and Kemal Kazan (2020)
Can natural gene drives be part of future fungal pathogen control strategies in plants?

Forest Pathology (2014) 44, 1-20
B. Scanu, G.C. Hunter, B.T. Linaldeddu, A. Franceschini, L. Maddau, T. Jung and S. Denman (2014)
A taxonomic re-evaluation reveals that Phytophthora cinnamomi and P. cinnamomi var. parvispora are separate species

Studies in Mycology (2013) 75, 37-114
P.W. Crous, U. Braun, G.C. Hunter, M.J. Wingfield, G.J.M. Verkley, H.-D. Shin, C. Nakashima and J.Z. Groenewald (2013)
Phylogenetic lineages in Pseudocercospora

Molecular Ecology (2010) 19, 1801-1813
Guillermo Pérez, Bernard Slippers, Brenda D. Wingfield, Gavin C. Hunter and Michael J. Wingfield (2010)
Micro- and macrospatial scale analyses illustrates mixed mating strategies and extensive geneflow in populations of an invasive haploid pathogen

Persoonia (2009) 23, 99-118
P.W. Crous, B.A. Summerell, A.J. Carnegie, M.J. Wingfield, G.C. Hunter, T.I. Burgess, V. Andjic, P.A. Barber and J.Z. Groenewald (2009)
Unravelling Mycosphaerella: do you believe in genera?

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2009) 125, 109-118
Guillermo Pérez, Gavin C. Hunter, Bernard Slippers, Carlos Pérez, Brenda D. Wingfield and Michael J. Wingfield (2009)
Teratosphaeria (Mycosphaerella) nubilosa, the causal agent of Mycosphaerella leaf disease (MLD), recently introduced into Uruguay

Molecular Plant Pathology (2009) 10, 1-14
Gavin C. Hunter, Pedro W. Crous, Angus J. Carnegie and Michael J. Wingfield (2009)
Teratosphaeria nubilosa, a serious leaf disease pathogen of Eucalyptus spp. in native and introduced areas

Plant Pathology (2008) 57, 235-242
G.C. Hunter, N.A. van der Merwe, T.I. Burgess, A.J. Carnegie, B.D. Wingfield, P.W. Crous and M.J. Wingfield (2008)
Global movement and population biology of Mycosphaerella nubilosa infecting leaves of cold-tolerant Eucalyptus globulus and E. nitens

Australasian Plant Pathology (2006) 35, 725-731
A.H. Smith, E.A. Pinkard, G.C. Hunter, M.J. Wingfield and C.L. Mohammed (2006)
Anatomical variation and defence responses of juvenile Eucalyptus nitens leaves to Mycosphaerella leaf disease

Studies in Mycology (2006) 55, 147-161
Gavin C. Hunter, Brenda D. Wingfield, Pedro W. Crous and Michael J. Wingfield (2006)
A multi-gene phylogeny for species of Mycosphaerella occurring on Eucalyptus leaves

Molecular Ecology Notes (2006) 6, 900-903
Gavin C. Hunter, Maria Noel Cortinas, Brenda D. Wingfield, Pedro W. Crous and Michael J. Wingfield (2006)
Development of polymorphic microsatellite markers for the Eucalyptus leaf pathogen Mycosphaerella nubilosa

Forest Pathology (2006) 36, 253-263
Alemu Gezahgne, J. Roux, G.C. Hunter and M.J. Wingfield (2006)
Mycosphaerella species associated with leaf disease of Eucalyptus globulus in Ethiopia

Australasian Plant Pathology (2004) 33, 349-355
G.C. Hunter, P.W. Crous, J. Roux, B.D. Wingfield and M.J. Wingfield (2004)
Identification of Mycosphaerella species associated with Eucalyptus nitens leaf defoliation in South Africa

Studies in Mycology (2004) 50, 195-214
Pedro W. Crous, Johannes Z. Groenewald, J. Pedro Mansilla, Gavin C. Hunter and Michael J. Wingfield (2004)
Phylogenetic reassessment of Mycosphaerella spp. and their anamorphs occurring on Eucalyptus