Erysiphe heraclei

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Erysiphe heraclei DC. 1815 - (carrot powdery mildew)

The fungus is wide-spread and causes powdery mildew diseases on carrot, parsley and other crops of the family Apiaceae. The fungus produces typical mildew symptoms on both leaf surfaces, starting with small white spots which quickly enlarge under warm conditions. Significant yield losses have been reported if infections start early in the growing season. Spores disperse through the wind.

In the asexual stage the conidiophores form single conidia which are cylindrical in shape and approximately 30-40 x 12-15 µm large. In the sexual stage chasmothecia are dark brown, spherical and around 100 µm in diameter, containing 4-8 asci. Ascospores are egg-shaped to ellyptical and about 20-25 x 15 µm large.

Vernacular names
• Deutsch: Mehltau der Möhre
• English: carrot powdery mildew
parsley powdery mildew
• Español: oídio de las umbelíferas
• Français: oïdium de la carotte