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Publications of Erhard Halmschlager (16 listed):

Forest Pathology (2017) 47 (5 - 12356)
O. Maschek and E. Halmschlager (2017)
Natural distribution of Verticillium wilt on invasive Ailanthus altissima in eastern Austria and its potential for biocontrol

Forest Pathology (2012) 42, 437-440
T.L. Cech, E. Halmschlager, C. Stauffer and T. Kirisits (2012)
First report of Mycosphaerella dearnessii on Pinus nigra var. nigra in Austria

Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 222 (Oskay et al.)
F. Oskay, A. Lehtijärvi, H.T. Dogmus-Lehtijärvi and E. Halmschlager (2011)
First report of brown felt blight caused by Herpotrichia juniperi on Cedrus libani in Turkey

Plant Pathology (2010) 59, p. 411 (Kirisits et al.)
T. Kirisits, M. Matlakova, S. Mottinger-Kroupa, E. Halmschlager and F. Lakatos (2010)
Chalara fraxinea associated with dieback of narrow-leafed ash (Fraxinus angustifolia)

Plant Pathology (2008) 57, p. 1177 (Halmschlager et al.)
E. Halmschlager and T. Kirisits (2008)
First report of the ash dieback pathogen Chalara fraxinea on Fraxinus excelsior in Austria

Forest Pathology (2007) 37, 40-50
T. Kirisits, H. Konrad, E. Halmschlager, C. Stauffer, M.J. Wingfield and D.B. Chhetri (2007)
Sirococcus shoot blight on Picea spinulosa in Bhutan

Journal of Pest Science (2007) 80, 59-61
Erhard Halmschlager, Christof Ladner, Petr Zabransky and Axel Schopf (2007)
First record of the wood boring weevil, Pentarthrum huttoni, in Austria (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Forest Pathology (2007) 37, 22-39
H. Konrad, C. Stauffer, T. Kirisits and E. Halmschlager (2007)
Phylogeographic variation among isolates of the Sirococcus conigenus P group

Plant Pathology (2003) 52, p. 403 (Balci et al.)
Y. Balci and E. Halmschlager (2003)
First report of Phytophthora quercina from oak forests in Austria

Forest Pathology (2003) 33, 21-29
H. Anglberger, M. Sieghardt, K. Katzensteiner and E. Halmschlager (2003)
Needle nutrient status of Sirococcus shoot blight-diseased and healthy Norway spruces

Plant Pathology (2003) 52, 694-702
Y. Balcì and E. Halmschlager (2003)
Phytophthora species in oak ecosystems in Turkey and their association with declining oak trees

Forest Pathology (2003) 33, 157-174
Y. Balci and E. Halmschlager (2003)
Incidence of Phytophthora species in oak forests in Austria and their possible involvement in oak decline

Plant Pathology (2002) 51, 78-84
H. Konrad, T. Kirisits, M. Riegler, E. Halmschlager and C. Stauffer (2002)
Genetic evidence for natural hybridization between the Dutch elm disease pathogens Ophiostoma novo-ulmi ssp. novo-ulmi and O. novo-ulmi ssp. americana

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 442 (Balci et al.)
Y. Balci and E. Halmschlager (2002)
First confirmation of Phytophthora quercina on oaks in Asia

Forest Pathology (2000) 30, 127-133
E. Halmschlager, A. Gabler and F. Andrae (2000)
The impact of Sirococcus shoot blight on radial and height growth of Norway spruce (Picea abies) in young plantations

International Congress of Plant Pathology (1998) Halmschlager et al. - Sirococcus conigenus -- a ...
E. Halmschlager, A. Neumüller and H. Anglberger (1998)
Sirococcus conigenus -- a fungus contributing to shoot dieback and top dying of Norway spruce in Austria
Edinburgh, U.K. (9 - 16 Aug. 1998), Poster presented in section: Diseases of woody plants: biology, management and control