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Publications of Donato Loddo (12 listed):

Weed Research (2019) 59, 15-27
D. Loddo, D. Bozic, I.M. Calha, J. Dorado, J. Izquierdo, M. Scepanovic, K. Baric, S. Carlesi, R. Leskovsek, D. Peterson, V.P. Vasileiadis, A. Veres, S. Vrbnicanin and R. Masin (2019)
Variability in seedling emergence for European and North American populations of Abutilon theophrasti

Weed Research (2018) 58, 250-258
P. Neve, J.N. Barney, Y. Buckley, R.D. Cousens, S. Graham, N.R. Jordan, A. Lawton-Rauh, M. Liebman, M.B. Mesgaran, M. Schut, J. Shaw, J. Storkey, B. Baraibar, R.S. Baucom, M. Chalak, D.Z. Childs, S. Christensen, H. Eizenberg, C. Fernández-Quintanilla, K. French, M. Harsch, S. Heijting, L. Harrison, D. Loddo, M. Macel, N. Maczey, A. Merotto Jr, D. Mortensen, J. Necajeva, D.A. Peltzer, J. Recasens, M. Renton, M. Riemens, M. Sønderskov and M. Williams (2018)
Reviewing research priorities in weed ecology, evolution and management: a horizon scan

Plant Protection Science (2016) 52, 64-69
D. Loddo, V.P. Vasileiadis, R. Masin, M.C. Zuin and G. Zanin (2016)
Inhibiting effect of shallow seed burial on grass weed emergence

Weed Research (2016) 56, 335-339
D. Müller-Stöver, O. Nybroe, B. Baraibar, D. Loddo, H. Eizenberg, K. French, M. Sønderskov, P. Neve, D.A. Peltzer, N. Maczey and S. Christensen (2016)
Contribution of the seed microbiome to weed management

Weed Research (2016) 56, 345-358
N. Jordan, M. Schut, S. Graham, J.N. Barney, D.Z. Childs, S. Christensen, R.D. Cousens, A.S. Davis, H. Eizenberg, D.E. Ervin, C. Fernandez-Quintanilla, L.J. Harrison, M.A. Harsch, S. Heijting, M. Liebman, D. Loddo, S.B. Mirsky, M. Riemens, P. Neve, D.A. Peltzer, M. Renton, M. Williams, J. Recasens and M. Sønderskov (2016)
Transdisciplinary weed research: new leverage on challenging weed problems?

Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research (2016) 14 (1 - e1002)
Vasileios P. Vasileiadis, Robert J. Froud-Williams, Donato Loddo and Ilias G. Eleftherohorinos (2016)
Emergence dynamics of barnyardgrass and jimsonweed from two depths when switching from conventional to reduced and no-till conditions

Weed Science (2014) 62, 360-369
Roberta Masin, Donato Loddo, Valentina Gasparini, Stefan Otto and Giuseppe Zanin (2014)
Evaluation of weed emergence model alertinf for maize in soybean

Weed Research (2014) 54, 356-365
D. Loddo, E. Sousa, R. Masin, I.M. Calha, G. Zanin, C. Fernández-Quintanilla and J. Dorado (2014)
Germination response of local Southern European populations of Datura stramonium at a range of constant temperatures

Weed Science (2013) 61, 443-451
Donato Loddo, Edite Sousa, Roberta Masin, Isabel Calha, Giuseppe Zanin, César Fernández-Quintanilla and José Dorado (2013)
Estimation and comparison of base temperatures for germination of European populations of velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti) and jimsonweed (Datura stramonium)

Weed Research (2012) 52, 42-49
D. Loddo, R. Masin, S. Otto and G. Zanin (2012)
Estimation of base temperature for Sorghum halepense rhizome sprouting

Weed Science (2012) 60, 254-259
Roberta Masin, Donato Loddo, Stefano Benvenuti, Stefan Otto and Giuseppe Zanin (2012)
Modeling weed emergence in Italian maize fields

Weed Science (2010) 58, 216-222
Roberta Masin, Donato Loddo, Stefano Benvenuti, Maria Clara Zuin, Mario Macchia and Giuseppe Zanin (2010)
Temperature and water potential as parameters for modeling weed emergence in central-northern Italy