Diaporthe helianthi

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leaf symptoms caused by Diaporthe helianthi (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Tom Gulya, USDA
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Diaporthe helianthi Munt.-Cvetk., Mihaljc. & M. Petrov 1981

This fungus is widely distributed and causes stem canker and grey leaf spot on sunflowers. Outbreaks have been reported with significant yield losses from several countries (e.g. see Mathew et al., 2015). Infections typically start on the leaves and the fungus spreads along the veins to the stem where cankers develop. Yield losses might exceed 50%. Several other Diaporthe species can also cause stem canker on sunflowers (e.g. Diaporthe gulyae).

Phomopsis helianthi

Vernacular names
• English: sunflower stem canker
• Français: phomopsis du tournesol

For a taxonomic review and details see Gomes et al. (2013).