Dactylonectria torresensis

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Dactylonectria torresensis, e-f) perithecial ascomata, g) ostiolar region, h) ascus, i) ascospores, n-o) conidiophores, p) macroconidia, q) microconidia, scale bars: e = 100 μm, f–g = 50 μm, h–i, n-q = 10 μm (click on image to enlarge it)
Authors: Lorenzo Lombard, Nicolaas A. Van Der Merwe, Johannes Z. Groenewald and Pedro W. Crous
Source: Phytopathologia Mediterranea (2014) 53, pp. 515-532

Dactylonectria torresensis (A. Cabral, Rego & Crous) L. Lombard & Crous 2014

This fungus causes black foot disease of grapevine in southern Europe and several other regions. It has been also recorded from other hosts, causing root rot on different trees and on crops like strawberries or kiwi plants.

Ilyonectria torresensis