Colletotrichum manihotis

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Colletotrichum manihotis symptoms on cassava
Author(s): International Institute of Tropical Agriculture
Source: Flickr

Colletotrichum manihotis Henn. 1904 - (cassava anthracnose)

The fungus infects cassava, causing an important disease, mainly in Africa. Epidemics can develop in high rainfall areas. Symptoms consist mainly of cankers on the stems, but the fungus also infects branches, fruits and leaves. Leaves develop characteristic small circular sunken spots. It often spreads when stem cuttings are used for planting. The conidia are short and broad (8–15 × 4–6 μm). See Weir et. al. 2012 for a taxonomic review.

Colletotrichum gloeosporioides f.sp. manihotis
Gloeosporium manihotis
Glomerella manihotis