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Publications of Bjørn Økland (12 listed):

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2019) 21, 286-298
Bjørn Økland, Daniel Flø, Martin Schroeder, Peter Zach, Dragos Cocos, Petri Martikainen, Juha Siitonen, Michail Y. Mandelshtam, Dmitry L. Musolin, Seppo Neuvonen, Jozef Vakula, Christo Nikolov, Åke Lindelöw and Kaljo Voolma (2019)
Range expansion of the small spruce bark beetle Ips amitinus: a newcomer in northern Europe

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2018) 20, 476-486
Daniel Flø, Hans Ragnar Norli, Bjørn Økland and Paal Krokene (2018)
Successful reproduction and pheromone production by the spruce bark beetle in evolutionary naïve spruce hosts with familiar terpenoid defences

Ecography (2017) 40, 1426-1435
Lorenzo Marini, Bjørn Økland, Anna Maria Jönsson, Barbara Bentz, Allan Carroll, Beat Forster, Jean-Claude Grégoire, Rainer Hurling, Louis Michel Nageleisen, Sigrid Netherer, Hans Peter Ravn, Aaron Weed and Martin Schroeder (2017)
Climate drivers of bark beetle outbreak dynamics in Norway spruce forests

EPPO Bulletin (2015) 45, 259-268
D. Flø, P. Krokene and B. Økland (2015)
Invasion potential of Agrilus planipennis and other Agrilus beetles in Europe: import pathways of deciduous wood chips and MaxEnt analyses of potential distribution areas

Molecular Ecology (2015) 24, 1292-1310
François Mayer, Frédéric B. Piel, Anna Cassel-Lundhagen, Natalia Kirichenko, Laurent Grumiau, Bjørn Økland, Coralie Bertheau, Jean-Claude Grégoire and Patrick Mardulyn (2015)
Comparative multilocus phylogeography of two Palaearctic spruce bark beetles: influence of contrasting ecological strategies on genetic variation

Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research (2014) 29, 77-89
Daniel Flø, Paal Krokene and Bjørn Økland (2014)
Importing deciduous wood chips from North America to northern Europe - the risk of introducing bark- and wood-boring insects

Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research (2012) 27, 285-297
Bjørn Økland, Robert A. Haack and Gunnar Wilhelmsen (2012)
Detection probability of forest pests in current inspection protocols - A case study of the bronze birch borer

Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research (2012) 27, 337-349
Even Bergseng, Bjørn Økland, Terje Gobakken, Christer Magnusson, Trond Rafoss and Birger Solberg (2012)
Combining ecological and economic modelling in analysing a pest invasion contingency plan - The case of pine wood nematode in Norway

Biological Invasions (2011) 13, 1151-1164
Bjørn Økland, Nadir Erbilgin, Olav Skarpaas, Erik Christiansen and Bo Långström (2011)
Inter-species interactions and ecosystem effects of non-indigenous invasive and native tree-killing bark beetles

Oecologia (2005) 146, 365-372
Bjørn Økland, Andrew M. Liebhold, Ottar N. Bjørnstad, Nadir Erbilgin and Paal Krokene (2005)
Are bark beetle outbreaks less synchronous than forest Lepidoptera outbreaks?

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2004) 6, 141-146
Bjørn Økland and Alan Berryman (2004)
Resource dynamic plays a key role in regional fluctuations of the spruce bark beetles Ips typographus

Population Ecology (2003) 45, 213-219
Bjørn Økland and Ottar N. Bjørnstad (2003)
Synchrony and geographical variation of the spruce bark beetle (Ips typographus) during a non-epidemic period