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Publications of Sigrid Netherer (5 listed):

Journal of Pest Science (2021) 94, 591-614
Sigrid Netherer, Dineshkumar Kandasamy, Anna Jirosová, Blanka Kalinová, Martin Schebeck and Fredrik Schlyter (2021)
Interactions among Norway spruce, the bark beetle Ips typographus and its fungal symbionts in times of drought

Ecography (2017) 40, 1426-1435
Lorenzo Marini, Bjørn Økland, Anna Maria Jönsson, Barbara Bentz, Allan Carroll, Beat Forster, Jean-Claude Grégoire, Rainer Hurling, Louis Michel Nageleisen, Sigrid Netherer, Hans Peter Ravn, Aaron Weed and Martin Schroeder (2017)
Climate drivers of bark beetle outbreak dynamics in Norway spruce forests

New Phytologist (2015) 205, 1128-1141
Sigrid Netherer, Bradley Matthews, Klaus Katzensteiner, Emma Blackwell, Patrick Henschke, Peter Hietz, Josef Pennerstorfer, Sabine Rosner, Silvia Kikuta, Helmut Schume and Axel Schopf (2015)
Do water-limiting conditions predispose Norway spruce to bark beetle attack?

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2009) 11, 313-320
Gernot Hoch, Edoardo Petrucco Toffolo, Sigrid Netherer, Andrea Battisti and Axel Schopf (2009)
Survival at low temperature of larvae of the pine processionary moth Thaumetopoea pityocampa from an area of range expansion

Integrated Pest Management Reviews (2001) 6, 177-184
S. Netherer and J. Pennerstorfer (2001)
Parameters relevant for modelling the potential development of Ips typographus (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)