Anopheles oswaldoi

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Anopheles oswaldoi (PeryassĂș, 1922)

Anopheles oswaldoi is part of a complex of 4 closely related species which are difficult or impossible to distinguish morphologically, see Motoki et al. (2007). This complex is referred to as Anopheles oswaldoi s.l.. It includes, for example Anopheles galvaoi and A. konderi. Few studies have been done on Anopheles oswaldoi s.s. which has been only confirmed in parts of southern Brazil, where it lives in forests and can bite humans.

On the other hand, A. oswaldoi s.l. has been recorded from most parts of South America east of the Andes, from Argentina to Panama. While it feeds mainly on different types of mammals like pigs, rats or monkeys, it has been also reported to bite humans, mainly during daytime. In some areas it has been found inside houses and to carry the malaria agents Plasmodium falciparum, P. vivax or P. malariae. Therefore it is considered a malaria vector. It breeds in permanent freshwater bodies like ponds, canals, swamps and marshes.