African Entomology (2006) 14, 63-68

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R. zur Strassen (2006)
Checklist of the Thysanoptera (Insecta) of southern Africa
African Entomology 14 (1), 63-68
Abstract: A revised checklist to the Thysanoptera of southern Africa is given containing 280 species.
(The abstract is excluded from the Creative Commons licence and has been copied with permission by the publisher.)

Research topic(s) for pests/diseases/weeds:
Research topic(s) for beneficials or antagonists:

Pest and/or beneficial records:

Beneficial Pest/Disease/Weed Crop/Product Country Quarant.

Frankliniella occidentalis South Africa
Frankliniella occidentalis Eswatini
Thrips tabaci South Africa
Thrips tabaci Eswatini
Tenothrips frici South Africa
Limothrips cerealium South Africa
Megalurothrips sjostedti South Africa
Megalurothrips sjostedti Eswatini
Frankliniella schultzei South Africa
Frankliniella schultzei Eswatini
Gigantothrips afer South Africa
Scirtothrips dorsalis South Africa
Microcephalothrips abdominalis South Africa
Caliothrips sudanensis South Africa
Caliothrips impurus South Africa
Heliothrips haemorrhoidalis South Africa
Heliothrips haemorrhoidalis Eswatini
Selenothrips rubrocinctus South Africa
Scirtothrips aurantii South Africa
Scirtothrips aurantii Eswatini
Thrips simplex Lesotho
Thrips simplex South Africa
Retithrips syriacus South Africa
Haplothrips gowdeyi South Africa
Haplothrips gowdeyi Eswatini
Anaphothrips sudanensis South Africa
Anaphothrips sudanensis Eswatini
Hercinothrips bicinctus South Africa
Arorathrips mexicanus South Africa
Arorathrips mexicanus Eswatini
Caliothrips graminicola South Africa
Haplothrips cottei South Africa
Haplothrips tardus South Africa
Heliothrips sylvanus South Africa
Hoplothrips corticis South Africa
Hydatothrips adolfifriderici South Africa
Hydatothrips adolfifriderici Eswatini
Parthenothrips dracaenae South Africa
Thrips pusillus South Africa
Thrips pusillus Eswatini
Haplothrips nigricornis South Africa
Haplothrips bedfordi (predator) South Africa