Trissolcus brochymenae (parasitoid)

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Trissolcus brochymenae female, scale bars in millimeters (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Elijah J. Talamas, Norman F. Johnson and Matthew Buffington
Source: Journal of Hymenoptera Research (2015), 43, p. 67

Trissolcus brochymenae (parasitoid) (Ashmead, 1893)

The species is found in the Americas where it is an egg parasitoid of various Hemiptera species from the family Pentatomidae, including important pest species like the harlequin bug (Murgantia histrionica) or species from the genus Euschistus.

Trissolcus murgantiae

For a taxonomic revision see Talamas et al. (2015).