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Publications of Tine Hauptman (9 listed):

Plant Pathology (2019) 68, 1120-1131
D. Sadikovic, B. Piskur, I. Barnes, T. Hauptman, D. Diminic, M.J. Wingfield and D. Jurc (2019)
Genetic diversity of the pine pathogen Lecanosticta acicola in Slovenia and Croatia

Forest Pathology (2016) 46, 259-263
T. Hauptman and B. Piskur (2016)
A new record of Rhizoctonia butinii associated with Picea glauca 'Conica' in Slovenia

Forest Pathology (2016) 46, 269-280
T. Hauptman, N. Ogris, M. de Groot, B. Piskur and D. Jurc (2016)
Individual resistance of Fraxinus angustifolia clones to ash dieback

Phytoparasitica (2016) 44, 151-164
Maja Jurc, Tine Hauptman, Roman Pavlin and Danijel Borkovic (2016)
Target and non-target beetles in semiochemical-baited cross vane funnel traps used in monitoring Bursaphelenchus xylophilus (PWN) vectors in pine stands

Forest Pathology (2014) 44, 137-144
F. Gherghel, B. Fussi, K. Donges, M. Haustein, K.M. Jakob, K. Müller, B. Piskur, T. Hauptman, H.D. Lenz, M. Konnert, G. Kost and K.-H. Rexer (2014)
The development of a species-specific test to detect Hymenoscyphus pseudoalbidus in ash tissues

Forest Pathology (2013) 43, 518-521
B. Piskur, T. Hauptman and D. Jurc (2013)
Dothistroma needle blight in Slovenia is caused by two cryptic species: Dothistroma pini and Dothistroma septosporum

Forest Pathology (2013) 43, 360-370
T. Hauptman, B. Piskur, M. de Groot, N. Ogris, M. Ferlan and D. Jurc (2013)
Temperature effect on Chalara fraxinea: heat treatment of saplings as a possible disease control method

Plant Disease (2010) 94, p. 133 (Ogris et al.)
N. Ogris, T. Hauptman, D. Jurc, V. Floreancig, F. Marsich and L. Montecchio (2010)
First report of Chalara fraxinea on common ash in Italy

Plant Pathology (2009) 58, p. 1173 (Ogris et al.)
N. Ogris, T. Hauptman and D. Jurc (2009)
Chalara fraxinea causing common ash dieback newly reported in Slovenia