Teratosphaeria epicoccoides

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Eucalyptus cinerea with symptoms of infection by Teratosphaeria epicoccoides (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Source: IPM Images

Teratosphaeria epicoccoides (Cooke & Massee) Rossman & W.C. Allen 2015

This fungus is widely distributed and causes leaf blight on eucalypt trees. It has been reported from Australia, Asia, Africa and the Americas. The initial symptoms are small angular leaf spots on the upper leaf surfaces. These expand and coalesce, eventually covering the entire leaf surface. On the lower leaf surface brown to black spores develop.

Cercospora epicoccoides
Hendersonia grandispora
Kirramyces epicoccoides
Mycosphaerella suttonii
Phaeophleospora epicoccoides
Phaeoseptoria eucalypti
Phaeoseptoria luzonensis
Readeriella epicoccoides
Teratosphaeria suttonii